600 Mercedes Maybach sold per month in China, increasing by 3% in Q1, 2019


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Guess what? Daimler’s Mercedes sees a 3% increase in the first quarter with more than 600 Maybach models sold per month in China. Read the full gist here!

If you ask Naijauto.com for our take on the German Automaker, Mercedes’ sales for this year 2019 so far, we will put it to you as simply “things are looking really good for the company”.

Hubertus Troska, Daimler Mercedes’ China Chief told reporters while at the ongoing Auto Show in Shanghai that the company’s sales actually rose by 3% in just the first quarter of the year alone. This completely defies the general downturn seen in demand in the biggest car market in the world with all thanks to the huge demand for the company’s super luxury vehicles like the most eyed Mercedes S-Class Maybach.


On average, 600 Maybach are sold monthly in China - the largest car market in the world

In the China Chief’s comment, he said;

"The Maybach it is still going excellent. Demand is more than 600 a month”

And he as well later added that despite the fact that the price of the car is increasing, the demand still keeps on rising and they are now even getting a sale rate of above 500 vehicles per month. His additional comment was;

“China’s move to lower value-added tax will help boost overall demand for cars for the rest of the year”

“I am cautiously optimistic that we can see positive momentum”.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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