Ghanaian rapper Mawuli Younggod flees after car smash up


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See what happened immediately after Ghanaian rapper Mawuli Younggod escapes unscathed from an auto crash. There is a second escape it seems!

Ghanaian popular rapper Mawuli Younggod was involved in a car accident with a few of his friends. The young rapper is being nurtured in music by another top rapper known as Medikal and since then, he has been making waves with his music as most of his songs are quite popular in Ghana.

According to, Mawuli Younggod had an accident which took place in Accra over the weekend of March 31, 2019. From the reports, it appears that the rapper in company with two other people, his manager and his friend, were involved in the car crash. The rapper is not the only artist to have been recently involved in a celebrity auto crash. Just a few days ago, Instagram Comedian Funny Toheeb involved in a ghastly accident.

Luckily, the rescue team was quick to intervene as the victims were rushed to Ridge Hospital for proper and quick medical examination. However, what adds an interesting twist to the tale surprisingly, is that Mawuli Younggod who was actually driving the car was nowhere to be found soon after.


Mawuli Younggod is a car freak, but didn't wait after the crash

On how the incident occurred, the three had finished buying fuel from a filling station, then on leaving, they tried to overtake a water tanker on the road but unfortunately things turned sour as their car swerved off the road and somersaulted a couple of times.

The recuse team who rushed to the accident scene and was able to help out the victims confirmed this. Speculations continue as to how the artist vanished into thin air while the two people who accompanied him were both injured.

Since then, no news has been heard from the rapper despite many of his well wishers and fans reaching out to him via any of his social media pages, as many are quite inquisitive about actually happened.


Like other celebrities, Mawuli fancies luxury automobiles (Photo source: Celebritiesbuzz)

The rapper who is also referred to as Medikal’s ‘small boys’, released his latest song, “Blessings”, a few months ago. Mawuli has always been a car lover just like many celebrities out there. The singer has over time purchased exotic cars to celebrate his music endeavors. From the pictures on the Internet, it is not clear which one of the rappers car was involved in the accident.

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