World’s first mass-production flying car goes on sale for ₦216 million


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A new “Fly & Drive” car has just been rolled out as the world’s first-ever mass-production flying car but goes for a whopping ₦216million. See its photos and video here!

If you have been frequently reading our articles here on Naijauto and also some foreign auto websites, you would have probably come across various non-functional but phenomenal flying car concepts. But, for the first time ever; a fully-functional mass-production “Fly & Drive” car has now been unveiled in Florida, the United States with a huge ₦216 million ($599,000) price tag.


Meet PAL-V – the world’s first-ever functional flying car that cost $599,000 and its in mass-production already

Cheaper version of PAL-V will be available in 2020

This flying car is a 3-wheeled machine and it’s dubbed the PAL-V (Pioneer Personal Air Landing Vehicle). It is a 230hp rated Dutch-made powerful 2-seater car that currently boasts of 70 pre-orders and it is actively in production already. Although, owners will still need to have both a pilot and a driver’s license in order to operate one for now.

According to reports, different versions of this PAL-V flying car are currently being developed in China, Japan, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Also, a much cheaper version is expected to be introduced sometime next year as the PAL-V Liberty Sport with a price tag of about ₦120.6million ($335,000).

When a public statement about this new flying car, the CEO of PAL-V – Robert Dingemanse said;

“While other flying car manufacturers’ concepts require modified regulations and, in many cases, not yet existing technologies, PAL-V deliberately chose to engineer, design and build a flying car with proven technologies and fully compliant with existing regulations”,

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PAL-V is a 3-wheeled machine that can drive on a normal road or fly in the air like a chopper

Features of the PAL-V flying car

Below is a quick highlight of some notable features of this new “fly and drive” PAL-V car;

  • It requires just 30meters (100ft) runway for landing, 164meters (540ft) for take-off and weighs just 600kg (1,500pounds) because it’s made of aluminum, titanium and carbon fibre.
  • Motorbike type of handling system (a control stick that can be tilted for maneuvering the machine in the air and on the ground)
  • Foldable rotor blades (gathers together like a “bat’s wing” atop the car when moving on land)
  • Zero to 60mph (96kph) acceleration in just 8seconds on ground
  • Convert from being a car on land to a flying gyrocopter in just 10minutes
  • It has a 102-liter (27-gallon) tank which gives it 1207km (750miles) driving range on ground and 399-498km (248-310miles) flying range in air

The CEO of PAL-V, Dingemanse also mentioned that even if both engines of this flying car fail, the rotor blades will still turn. When explaining the reason behind this feature, he said;

“The rotor is not powered, so it’s actually a parachute which is always available”,

Check out this PAL-V flying car in a short video demo below;

  PAL-V Testing Production Model

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