Maserati is lowering its car prices while bringing a Limited Edition package to its 2020 Models


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Maserati cars are becoming very popular these days. Now the company is making its cars even more appealing by lowering the prices of the models.

After the bumper sales of 2017 where the Italian Automaker sold over 23,000 units across the globe, it was more of a surprise that the following year it struggled to match those numbers. In fact 2018, Maseratti lost about 66% of its car volume, finally settling at a meager 7,900 units when the year ended. This trend continued into 2019 with sales dropping even further by another 1.9%, bringing the volume of units sold in that year to just 6,400 units.

Thus in a bid to arrest this very much unwanted trend, the company took the tough decision to revive the market's interest in its cars by cutting prices across three of its most famous models, the Maserati Levante, Maserati Ghibli, and Maserati Quattroporte.



Maseratti slashed a good $4000 from its Levante models

The price slash sees the company take a cut of almost 0.077% (about $8500 or ₦3.3 Million reductions) in the prices of Maserati Quattroporte models. The company also slashed $6000 from its Maserati Ghibli models while the Maserati Levante models saw a $4000 or ₦1.56 Million reduction in its prices. Even with these price reductions, industry projections and forecast still sees the company struggling to up its sales volume, forecasting that the Italian automaker will sell only about 6,100 units.

And with the closure of most auto production plants and factories across the globe due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has been ravaging Italy, it is difficult to see the company match those forecasted figures. But we expect it to cope with this market shock as its parent company FIAT Chrysler Automobiles is surely not low on cash even in these trying times.

To further spice up its ranks, the Italian Auto manufacturer is bringing a Limited edition package to all three models whose prices were slashed. This special limited edition package sees the models dressed in special black paint, seeing these models look dark and sassy. It's an all-black appearance in and out with a few sprinkles of the red gloss here and there especially from the red-colored brake calipers and the large red patches on the seats. 

Have a closer look at the 2020 Maserati Edizione Ribelle in the video below

2020 Maserati Edizione Ribelle

>>> As you would expect a good number of celebrities own various models of the Maserati brand including the Famous Man United Midfielder Paul Pogba who owns a Maserati Quattroporte.

The special edition package is code-named the Edizione Ribelle otherwise translated as the "Rebel Edition" in English. The Rebel Edition models will come in a bit more pricey than the standard models. Check out the price list of the various changes from Maseratti below.

(Reduced) prices of Maserati models

 Model New Price
Maserati Levante  ₦ 27.34 Million
Maserati Ghibli ₦ 26.05 Million
Maserati Quattroporte ₦37.25 Million

Prices of the Edizione Ribelle Limited Package 

 Model Price
Maserati Levante  ₦36.14 Million
Maserati Ghibli ₦35.24 Million
Maserati Quattroporte ₦44.40 Million

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