Maserati dedicates its MC20 prototype to Legendary British racer Sir Stirling Moss


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Italian automaker, Maserati keeps teasing its new supercar in the works called the "MC20" which is dedicated to Legendary British racer, Sir Stirling Moss.

Sometimes around the beginning of this year 2020, Italian automaker – Maserati announced its new supercar model named “MC20”. Ever since this announcement, the automaker has kept on teasing the supercar till just a few days ago when it finally announced that the model will pay tribute to the Legendary British racer, Sir Stirling Moss.

The super talented race car driver was 90 years of age at the time of his death on the 12th of April, 2020. He was a true legend who duly deserves Maserati’s tribute.


Italian automaker, Maserati dedicates its MC20 prototype to Sir Stirling Moss – the legendary British car racer

The new Maserati MC20 was initially scheduled to be unveiled this month but the Coronavirus pandemic is causing so many disruptions that has now prompted the automaker to postpone its reveal to September this year. Despite the postponement, the automaker keeps teasing fans with this unique model which is now dedicated to Sir Stirling Moss.


Sir Stirling Moss was famous for being a world-class race driver

According to Maserati press release, this coming MC20 prototype will borrow its design elements from the old Maserati Eldorado model which Sir Stirling Moss at Monza during the vehicle’s 1958 debut. This shows how much illustrious history Maserati shares with the British race car driver especially back in the days when he drove the 300 S, Tipo 61, and Tipo 60 Birdcage.

You can check out more teaser photos of the Maserati MC20 prototype in the video below;

  Meet The Maserati MC20 Stirling Moss Prototype!

Rumours are going around that this new Maserati MC20 will come with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that could output over 600hp. Some online sources also claim that the engine will be mated with an 8-speed dual-clutch auto transmission system. However, the Italian automaker is yet to confirm any of these rumors or give out information regarding the specs of this upcoming supercar. The only thing we can guess for now is that; the MC20 would carry a decent price tag which might not land it among the Top 10 most expensive cars in the world like rumors are speculating.

But in any case, we are sure it will forever remain a unique supercar model because it pays homage to a racing legend.

Speaking of car racing sport and expensive supercars, we recommend you also read about the history of car racing in Nigeria and exciting events to look forward to every year.  

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