Man’s car doused in acid by thugs just for amusement


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A man has been left devastated after his car that he worked hard to acquire was doused in acid by thugs in Dublin just for fun! Check the state of his car after the incident!

A Dublin man has taken to social media to share the images of his car that was doused in acid by some reckless thugs in Dublin Ireland.


Reckless thugs doused the man's car in acid

27-year-old Ray Lynch couldn't believe his eyes when he came out on Saturday morning only to see his car that was parked in his front garden splashed with acid. Naijauto gathered that the heartless thugs doused the car in acid for amusement.


The incident left Ray devastated as he had worked hard to buy the car

While sharing the photos of his damaged car online, Ray wrote,

"Can't do right in this place, work your a*s off, buy your car, for what?

For some scumbag to throw acid over it for amusement?

While it was parked in your f*****g garden!

I'm f*****g heartbroken. What's the point, honestly!"

The incident left Ray heartbroken. He lamented on how he worked hard to buy the car only for some hooligans to splatter acid on it just for fun. A similar incident also happened to a woman in Brookleaze. However, her car was petrol-bombed while it was parked in her driveway.

Reports say Ray's car wasn't the only one that got damaged in Tallaght area as another car was also damaged.

A spokesman said there was a report of two cars being damaged overnight in the area, and that investigations have already commenced in order to apprehend the culprits.

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