Man who trekked for Buhari’s 2015 victory gets a new car and ₦2m cash gift


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New reports confirm that the Man who trekked from Gombe to Abuja in celebration of President Buhari’s 2015 victory has recently gotten a car and ₦2m gift.

When people do extraordinary things to show their loyalty to a leader, it is unarguably necessary for such a leader to appreciate them. This is exactly the case with new reports confirming that ₦2million cash gift and a new car was recently given to the man who walked from Gombe state to Abuja in celebration of President Buhari’s 2015 victory. This extraordinary man has been identified as Inuwa Yahaya, who is a 50-years old Gombe state indigene.


The man who walked from Gombe to Abuja in celebration of Buhari’s 2015 victory has now been rewarded for his loyalty

According to press reports, the Governor of Gombe State presented these rewards to the 50-year old Buhari loyalist because he was recently reported to have fallen sick. Earlier press reports also confirm that Inuwa Yahaya was already begging for financial help after developing some limb complications as a result of his daunting 2015 “walk” for Buhari’s victory. Yahaya’s public cry for help seems to have caught the attention of Gombe State governor who swung into action by arranging for the ₦2million cash gift and a new car which has now been presented to the loyal man.

When presenting the cash gift and the new car to Inuwa Yahaya, the governor of Gombe state confirmed that Yahaya is already undergoing medical treatment for his health challenge and his medical bills are being sponsored by the government. Similarly, the governor explained that the new car being presented to Yahaya is meant to support his transport business and to appreciate his extraordinary act of “loyalism”.

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Below is a press video confirming Inuwa Yahaya being rewarded for his 2015 loyalty walk.


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