Indian man transforms his Tata Nano into a helicopter-like car


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Dreams are meant to be lived. A 24 years old Indian man has shocked the internet with his latest creation - a helicopter-like car! See his work below!

An Indian national identified as Mithilesh Prasad has shocked the internet with his latest creations. He transformed his Tata Nano compact city car into a helicopter by integrating some basic element of a helicopter into the hatchback.

Born in Simari village in Baniyapur, the 24 years old pipe fitter has always dreamt of constructing a helicopter and flying in it as well. A dream he couldn't fulfill but decided to use his car to live it out.

The car now looking like a helicopter has drawn a lot of attention in Chhapra city, Bihar State, India.


The Tata Nano car modified into a helicopter had basic features of a helicopter, though it can't fly

Despite that the car can't fly, it's has been equipped with some features like tail boom, main rotor and tail rotor prevalent in a helicopter. The side panels and rotors also came with bright colored LED lights.

This creation wasn't completed in a day. Naijauto gathered that Mithilesh spent seven months constructing it and he was assisted by his brother. The project cost him seven lakh rupees (~N3.6 million).

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Mithilesh spent seven months constructing the car-turned helicopter and was assisted by his brother

When Mithilesh was interviewed about his creation, he said,

"It was my dream since childhood that I construct a helicopter on my own and fly in it. But I don't have a strong background so I made my car look like a helicopter."

Mithilesh only passed out from 12th grade in school and even though he might not get to build or fly a helicopter, he's content to drive on the road with his helicopter car.

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