Man from Kano took revenge on ex-wife by crashing van into her house


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What could have prompted 42 year-old Imafidon to crash into a building occupied by his ex-wife and three children? Check details below!

Life is indeed filled with mysteries and some of these can really go beyond our comprehension. What could she have done to deserve such from her ex-husband?

Just recently, Anthony Imafidon, a 42 year-old man, was apprehended for deliberate crashing of van into his ex-wife place of residence at the Staten Island Building in the United States.

This incident happened on Sunday just before 11 pm and it was captured via video. According to the police, the man caused fire in the building through the incendiary device found in his van.


The 42 year-old Anthony Imafidon, who intentionally smashed his van into his wife's building

Luckily for his ex-wife who goes by the name Bisi, three children (15 year-old girl, 13 year-old boy and 11 year-old boy) and other occupants of the building, didn’t suffer any form of injury from this crash. The reason for this criminal act is still unknown to the officers.

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The arrested man, Imafidon, is a degree holder in Economics from the Bayero University in Kano and a second degree holder in Psychology from Staten Island College. After being apprehended, he was taken to the Richmond University Medical Center, later to be released into the custody of the police.


The reason behind this life endangering act is yet to be ascertained by the police

Imafidon is reportedly the owner of Pride of Africa and Caribbean Store located on the Staten Island. He is set to be charged with attempted assault, attempted murder, arson, reckless endangerment, child endangerment and criminal mischief.

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Van Crashes Into Staten Island Store, Bursts Into Flames

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