German man survives hanging ride from a train moving at 125mph


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A German man hung from a train that was moving at a fast speed of 125mph yet, miraculously survived. What a lucky day for him. Read the full story here now!

This was one of the most shocking news we got lately here at and this is also why we have decided to share with you guys even though it happened in Germany.

Just recently, the Berlin police department got reports of a certain intoxicated German man who caused an episode of shocking drama on a commercial train. This man was said to have gotten out of the train he was commuting in. He got down during a shortstop but later created a messy scene while trying to get back on board the same train which had already departed leaving him behind.


The man was then investigated by the police for interfering rail traffic

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The German police department reported that this incident happened during the late hours of Wednesday 23rd of January 2019. Their report stated that the 33-year-old German man clung on to the train’s coupling during a time of freezing temperature while screaming as the train was heading towards Hamburg at a very fast speed of 200km/h (125mph). The man was lucky enough that other passengers heard his screaming on time, triggered the train’s emergency stop and helped bring him back into the train properly.

Although, he only escaped death but not the authorities. As soon as the train got to the Essen main station, this man was handed over to the regulatory authorities. And now, he is already under investigation for a crime they called “dangerous interference with rail traffic”.

This is all we know for now as regarding this incident.

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