Chinese man steals chickens to fuel his N140 million BMW car


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What could have prompted this man rich enough to afford a N140 million car to resort to stealing chickens? Read up the story!

A rich farmer from Sichuan province in China has been apprehended for stealing chickens and ducks from a number of villages in Linshui County just to buy fuel for his $290,000 BMW car. When you convert this money into naira, it will be getting you about N140 million. And you'll begin to wonder how a man rich enough to buy such expensive car will end up stealing chickens!

1. How the story began

Naijauto gathered that farmers in other nearby villages have been reporting to the police about their chickens and ducks being stolen since April. However, nobody expected the thief would turn out to be one of the wealthiest farmers in their vicinity. A man residing in a multi-story building and driving a luxury BMW car. It's evident his expensive car pushed him into it.

Qiang, as we were meant to know, couldn't meet up with the demands of maintaining and fuelling his "thirsty" BMW, so he resorted to stealing other people's chickens and ducks, rearing them on his farm, to sell them off, in other to raise money for petrol.


Since April, farmers in the region had noticed a number of chickens and ducks stolen

When the complaints of stolen chickens started increasing, the police decided to investigate the matter. They checked the surveillance tapes and observed a man on a bike with no plate number, riding during the late hours of the night. They mounted checkpoints 24/7 to monitor him and found the suspicious motorcycle one day. They started trailing the motorcycle and saw it enter Qiang's home. There wasn't much evidence to conclude that Qiang was the culprit so his home was monitored.

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2. Police finally caught the stealthy BMW owner

Reports say people come to Qiang's home to buy chicken and everyone assumed he raised them himself. After the police had gotten hold of some evidence, they decided to question him. They saw him in the traffic and tried to pull him over but on noticing what was about to happen, the poultry robber zoomed off.

The Director of Yuan City Police Station, Zhang Hua told reporters,

"Qiang was oblivious to the fact that his house was under police surveillance and he wasn't expecting to see police authorities waiting for him. On searching his home, they found the motorcycle and some stolen birds."


Qiang was suspected to be the poultry thief

The cops confronted Qiang and he admitted to being the poultry thief. He went ahead to say that his BMW was "thirsty" and that he was having some financial difficulties, so he took to stealing the domestic birds and selling them to cushion his monthly expenses on fuel.

Qiang has been taken into police custody and has been charged with theft. His story has gotten a lot of buzz on social media and many people are making jest at him for resorting to a minor crime like this, in a bid to drive an expensive car.

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