African man squeezed inside a car’s glove box, trying to enter Europe


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Squeezing yourself into a car's compartment just to enter Europe is a dangerous move. Use the legal route instead. See photos of how they were compressed inside the car!

This is the height people will go just to step into Europe, at the expense of their own lives. What if they lose their lives in the process?

An African man has squeezed behind a car's glove box while trying to enter Europe. Report reaching Naijauto says, he is just one, out of four persons who were found inside cars all in the same day. They were discovered by Moroccan authorities and Spanish Guardia Civil authorities at Melilla, a Spanish enclave in North Africa.

The other three people which include a 15-year-old girl were all discovered in separate vehicles on May 24, at Beni-Enzar border. This border lies between Morocco and Melilla.

Two of them were hiding inside a compartment that was built behind the dashboard while the third person was found under the back seat.


This is the height some people go just to enter Europe while endangering their lives

Unbelievable, you might exclaim. That’s what some are doing in search of greener pastures. Such a risk!

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Photos of these immigrants were taken by the Spanish Civil Guard. Two of them were being treated by medical personnel for disorientation, asphyxia and joint pain.


This is a dangerous move, please don't try it! 

The fourth person was discovered pressed under a truck at Melilla port.

Over the last few years, many illegal immigrants that are in search of greener pastures in Europe have made attempts to step into Spain through Melilla and Ceuta, the two enclaves in North Africa. And some have been said to scale high fences that are topped by razor wire.

There have been a lot of stories about illegal immigrants trying to enter Europe using dangerous means.

In January, a woman was reported to have been caught while smuggling an African teenager inside her suitcase.

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