SHOCKING: Man skillfully drifts an 80,000-pound Dump truck on a muddy road


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Check out a video showing how a Man skillfully drifted a 40-ton dump truck on a muddy road at a construction site. it's incredible how he did it so smoothly!

There are so many experienced car drivers out there but only few can boast of mastering the skill of “Drifting”.

Yes, it is one of the hardest driving techniques that a non-race car driver could master or practice – apart from the fact that it is not always a socially acceptable practice on regular roads.

To our greatest surprise, we recently found a video showing how a driver “magically” drifted a dump truck on a muddy road at a construction site in an effortless manner. That’s unbelievable, right?


A man drifts an 80,000-pounds heavy-duty dump truck so smoothly on a muddy road like a pro

Seeing a lightweight saloon or sports car being drifted on a public road might not be anything special, but seeing someone drifting a dump truck that weighs about 40-tons (80,000 pounds) is an “out of this world” act 😊.

Yes, sources claim that the video we emerged from Chesterfield in the UK, and the vehicle being drifted is a CAT 740 (articulated) dump truck.

Below is the shocking video itself:

  Dump Truck Drifting in to Be Loaded || ViralHog

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After watching the video several times, one can hardly deny that the driver of the dump truck is definitely a “fun lover” and no doubt an experienced truck driver.

He particularly took advantage of the muddy and slippery road at the construction site to show off just how possible it is to actually drift a heavy-duty articulated truck that weighs around 80,000 pounds. But in any case, we have to drop this disclaimer: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT WHAT YOU SEE IN THE VIDEO IN REAL LIFE!

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