Man roasts pork in an old Datsun car during Australian scorching temperature


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An Australian man has successfully cooked roast pork in his car under the hot temperature experienced in his country. See the results he got!

An Australian man has set the internet buzzing by cooking pork meat inside his old Datsun Sunny car on an extremely hot day in Perth.


He placed the pork on the car seat and left it for 10 hours

Stu Pengelly observed that the heatwave in Australia has become severe so he decided to see if the temperature can cook pork inside his car.

He placed the pork in a baking container and put it on his car seat, leaving it to roast for 10 hours.

Naijauto learned that he monitored the heat inside the car with a thermometer throughout the day. The temperature was said to be 30 °C at It rose to a whopping 81°C (177° Fahrenheit) by

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Pengelly was able to cook roast pork in his old Datsun car


Pengelly shared the pictures of the roasted pork cut into slices on Facebook.

And according to him, "It worked like a treat!"

He said that the doors and windows of his car are tinted, which even prevented the car from getting hotter than it was.


Roast pork is ready!

Other Facebook users reacted to his post, with some describing how they had cooked in a heatwave and others humorously asking to be invited to his next pork roast.

Pengelly, however, used his experience to advise people on the dangers of a heatwave.

He wrote,

"Do not leave anyone or anything precious to you in a hot car, not for a minute.

And if you do see kids or dog in a hot car, don't hesitate to smash the window to get them out as soon as possible."

Weather forecasters say the temperature in Australia keeps getting hot since this month, adding that the heatwave could get to 122° C.

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