Return N53 million & get a brand new Corolla, would you do the same as this man?


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Mr. Benson Efeotor made an official complaint at the bank that a sum of N53,121,650 was erroneously transferred to his account. It turns out the money belonged to Delta state government. See what happens next!

What would you do if you unexpectedly receive N53 million cash credit alert on your phone, when you know it just can’t be your money and was sent in your bank account erroneously. Well, some people might start blessing God for the wondrous work of miracle in their life.

1. Mr. Benson was gifted a new car after returning money to the state government

What would be the right thing to do in such circumstance? I think a whole lot of persons will agree with me that making an official complaint at the said bank would be the morally and legally right thing to do. The legal angle might be debated, but the moral angle has just one interpretation.

That is exactly what Mr. Benson Efeotor did. He made an official complaint at the Bank, and the erroneously transferred N53,121,650 was recovered back to the Delta state government account. Just the case with several other Nigerians who have returned huge sums of money that was not theirs, Mr. Efeotor towed the line of honesty and integrity. And for this, the Governor of Delta state Mr. Ifeanyi Okowa who recently just got reelected gifted Mr. Benson Efeotor a brand new Toyota Corolla for his honesty.


Brand new Toyota Corolla gifted by the Governor to Mr Efeotor (Source: Linda Ikejisblog)

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2. What Mr. Benson said - All Nigerians should remember!

While being interviewed by the press, Mr. Benson Efeotor calmly stated and I quote him thus

“I returned the money because I don’t have such money in my bank account. You don’t collect what does not belong to you. I am working for my salary. If I collect the money, that’s criminal”.

This is the true spirit of every Nigerian.

Also in the interview, the Governor described Mr. Benson Efeotor as a man whose act of integrity should be an example for every Nigerian, both young and old.


Mr Efeotor returned N53 million erroneously paid into his account (Source: Linda Ikejisblog)

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