Man posted pictures of his car hit in his absence with culprit's phone number left


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This story happened in Lagos.

A car owner has recently posted photos on his Twitter account showing his car was hit by some driver as the car was parked in Lagos. Noticeably, is the man who damaged the car had left his phone number on the vehicle.

The screen shot of the Twitter post

A Twitter user shared photos of his car getting hit by someone with his phone number left on the trunk 

It is so delighted that no matter what the advanced world thinks of Nigeria and whatever Nigerian think of ourselves, we still have people who are lovely and honest living in this country. And we do believe these qualities are the true color of most Nigerians. See more pictures of the incidents shared on the man's Twitter below.

The phone number written on the car's trunk

The culprit's phone number was written on the dusty trunk

The damage at a closer look

The damage at a closer look

What do you think of the incident? Do you share the feeling with us?

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