Man parked BMW & Volkswagen cars in the living room to save them from hurricane


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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What a shocking way to love a car! A man decided to save his beloved car and that of his friend by parking them in his living room. Read on!

Being a car lover obviously has levels. While some car enthusiasts are just regular lovers of cars, some could go extreme while displaying their true love or obsession with cars. Such is the case of Randy Jalil, who parked his BMW E30 MS and a 1994 Volkswagen GTI belonging to a friend, in his living room so as to save them from the wreckage Hurricane Dorian might have done on them.

This man, Jalil, got the global attention in 2016; he shared an online picture of his silver M3 parked inside when Florida was almost getting hit by the Hurricane Matthew late that year. He decided to opt for similar approach when he noticed such re-occurrence with Dorian’s threat. The living room looks quite epic as he also got a space for a classic GTI to fit in perfectly. This is what we describe here on Naijauto as ‘absolute’ when it comes to loving cars.

Jalil, while speaking recently to The Drive, disclosed that his 2-car garage was occupied by 2018 Chevrolet Malibu belonging to his girlfriend and 2018 Toyota Corolla owned by his brother, which left him with no other alternative than making best use of his living room.


E30 M3 and Volkswagen GTI parked inside Jalil's living room 

He said: 

“Nothing fancy, just wanted to protect as many cars as possible. My girlfriend Amber Carpenter was completely for putting the cars inside the house because she knows how much I love my cars! Luckily, we didn’t get any damage in Port Saint Lucie where I reside. There was barely any rain, too, thankfully, everything around the house survived. I do have to admit it’s a stressful time waiting to see where this hurricane was heading and how bad the damage could have been.”

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Randy Jalil came really prepared for the raging Hurricane Dorian, by saving two cars from possible damage

One of the most desirable and iconic BMW cars is the E30 M3, which is quite worth protecting by Jalil. You wouldn’t blame the man to protect what he loves. After all, family is everything and cars should be too.

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