This is why you should never open the radiator cap while it’s boiling hot [Video]


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You might be wondering what opening a boiling radiator could bring, here's the lesson from a self-victim, which went viral on Facebook.

Have you ever thought of opening the radiator cap while it is still boiling hot to see what the outcome might be? The video below brings you the answer and it is a big NO!

Lesson learned after this BMW E36 owner tried performing such a risky thing, and the consequence was he got seriously burnt. The boiling water from the radiator showed him no mercy when it splashed on his right arm which is now covered in bandages.

The video soon went viral on Facebook in the UK, attracting millions of views, and the self-inflicted-victim of the costly lesson, Matthew Elliot, expressed his regrets on the post’s caption:

"And this is why you don’t open a radiator cap when it’s boiling hot!"


The BMW E36 owner got himself into trouble

This is also a lesson for us: Never try something if we are not sure about the outcome! When your car is overheating, for instance, find out the Major culprits behind the loss of radiator fluidThis will help to deal with the root cause.

Video: This is why you shouldn't mess with the radiator cap of an overheated car!

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