Man legally changes his gender to save ~₦304 on car insurance annually


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The Canadian man looked for advice on the Chevrolet Cruze and learned that less car insurance cost was paid if he were a woman.

This, I promise you, is unprecedented, the case of a Canadian man who legally changed his gender to evade $1,100 CAD (~₦304) which should be spent on his car insurance annually.

Angular front of the 2013 Chevrolet Cruze

The Canadian man looked for advice on the Chevrolet Cruze and learned that he can pay less for insurance cost if he were a woman

The idea was born when the man then at the age of 23 planned to have a Chevrolet Cruze. He called the insurance agent to get assistance and was aware that I would cost $4,500 CAD (~₦1,243) annually. Suddenly a question come across his mind and the Canadian asked if he were a woman then how much it cost. He was satisfied to know a woman would be charged at only $3,400 CAD (~₦940).

He started researches to find out how to become a female without violating Canadian law, for which he would offset the cost of his annual insurance. His research panned out. He knew that all he needed was only a note from a doctor which identifies him as female instead of male.

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Old and new certificates of birth of a person

With his new identification on paper, the man saves ~₦304on car insurance annually

The subsequent step was easy, he changed his gender on his driver’s license and birth certificate and things were well done. Ever since then, he saved $91 CAD monthly on car insurance.

The man later confirmed on the internet that this was his lesson to the insurance policy, and he had no intention of mocking gender diversity.

However, his story was frown upon and he’s now on the verge of being sued for fraud by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

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