Man’s leg chopped off by moving train: Who is to be blamed?


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Tragedy along the newly laid railway tracks saw a man losing both legs after they were severed by a moving train. What exactly happened and who should be blamed for this? See how Nigerians react to the news!

1. Middle-aged man lost both legs after jumping off the moving train

Rail transportation is making a comeback in Nigeria. It is sad though and perhaps inevitable that train and rail accidents will accompany this new development.

The recent incident witnessed along Ikeja railway, Lagos shows that many train and rail mishaps are due to human error. The unfortunate accident occurred when an unidentified man jumped off a moving train, only for his legs to be severed by the train.


The unidentified man whose legs were cut off

Early reports indicate that the man was fleeing from the Nigerian Railway Corporation task force officers. These officers specialize in arresting citizens or train users who climb and sit on top of a moving train, or citizens who board the train without tickets. Not much information was given as to the reason this particular man was on the run but his evasive action left him minus legs and in a critical state.

The man whose legs are all scattered in pieces was seen in severe pains and laying on the floor of a truck. There is no update about his present condition.


Many commuters hang dangerously from the train

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2. How Nigerians react: different lessons deduced from the incident

Before this case, many cases of death and injuries have been reported along the railway tracks with individuals playing a major causative role most times.

Reacting to the news, Nigerians show different opinions, but mostly agree the problem doesn't lie in the train itself.


Most comments agree this is human fault

Some people shows sympathy to the man, indicating poverty as the underlying reason for such actions. Meanwhile, a few comments disapprove of witnesses' behaviors. According to these accounts, people at the scene should immediately take him to the hospital instead of taking photos.


The account Rosarie shows his/her sympathy and concern over poverty in Nigeria

Since the railways is a relatively new phenomenon for most Nigerians, especially the younger generation, it is advised that one should always pay attention when on the railway tracks and look out for any incoming trains even where there seems to be none immediately nearby. Many fatalities have been a result of being absent-minded when walking on the railway rails.

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