Man in court for scratching 642 cars causing ₦374 million worth of damages


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A German man has been arrested and charged to court for scratching 642 cars causing damages worth ₦374m in about three months. Get the scoop of the story!

A German man has bagged the title “Serial Car Scratcher” after scratching no fewer than 642 cars, with damages amounting to ₦374 million. The 26-year-old has been dragged to court for his disturbing action and faces possible prosecution.


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According to reports, the unidentified man scratched the cars with a very sharp instrument within February and April 2018. His targets were specific cities around Germany’s Lower Franconia region such as Veitshöchheim, Schweinfurt, and Würzburg.

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In a bid to track down the suspect, the German police had to establish a commission tagged “paint scratcher,” saddled with the responsibility of getting to the root of the problem. The man was eventually arrested by the police in April 2018 while scratching more cars. This was after a woman reported to have seen a man scratching a series of cars parked outside. According to her, the man scratched all the cars with the same pattern and body movement like someone skilled in the art.

Prosecutors of the suspect initially claimed that he had damaged a total of 1,700 cars, amounting to ₦925 million in damages, but they lacked adequate evidence to back up their claims. Hence, the court did not accept it.

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