[Video] Man hanging on the hood as ex-girlfriend drives with full speed on the highway


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Have you seen a recent trending video of a man hanging on the hood as his ex-girlfriend drives with full speed on the highway? Check it below!

Naijauto.com stumbled upon this trending but shocking video online and decided to share it together with a brief of the actual story.

Luckily enough, the man involved in this shocking incident had a mobile phone with him and he was even able to successfully call the police line (911) while hanging on hood of a car at high speeds. As a matter of fact, he even told a dispatcher on the call that:

“She’s swerving the car and I’m on top of the car,” “I really need help.”

Below is the video of the incident. The astonishing footage you will see in the video below was taken by a driver inside another vehicle that happened to be driving at 70mph at that instant. The footage from the other was now combined with the audio recorded from the emergency (911) call that the man originally made while on the bonnet of the speeding car.

Police Release 911 Call on Man Riding Hood of Car

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The man hanging on the hood was later identified to be Junior Francis, a 22-year-old man while the lady happened to be Patresha Isidore, a 24-year-old woman from Florida. The report recorded that Francis claimed the car was jointly owned by both of them and that he jumped on the bonnet that day as an effort he thought would prevent Isidore from driving the car away as they both needed it at that time.

Speaking to WSVN, Patresha Isidore said:

“I had to go get my child,”.

“I wasn’t going to deal with any foolishness.”

“He had plenty of time to get off the car”. “He didn’t want to stop.”

From her statement and the news report, she claims that she was heading to pick up their child from a relative and gave Francis enough time to get off the bonnet of the car but he refused. And she also termed Francis action by jumping on the bonnet as “foolishness”.

Digging further into the story, we realized that they had broken up with each other some 8 months before the incident but happen to still be living together under the same roof after their break up. The lady (Isidore) claimed that she had no other choice other than to just drive away as she realized the fact that her ex-boyfriend (Francis) wasn’t going to get off the bonnet of the Mercedes-Benz C300 car.


Though Francis didn't press any charge against her, Patrsha was arrested for her actions

The story even got more interesting when we realized that this same Francis guy that hanged from the bonnet and called the police for help somehow managed to later remove the car key from the vehicle’s ignition when his ex-girlfriend got to West Park with the car.

Francis kept saying he was frightened by the incident and his words were:

“This woman is going to kill me, “She’s really out to kill me.”

We don’t really have enough information as regards how he was able to pull that off. Maybe his ex-girlfriend stopped at West Park or he bravely managed to climb up the roof of the car and then stretch his hand inwards to remove the key from the vehicle’s ignition. We are not certain about any of these possible scenarios but report we have from reliable sources just claim that the man managed to later remove the car key from the car’s ignition. He could be a “black spiderman” though 😊.

Surprisingly, report on this incident also has it that the man (Francis) told the police after the whole drama was over, that he is not pressing any charges against Patresha. He didn’t give further explanation as to why he is not pressing charges but the only notable thing he mentioned was that Patresha is the mother of his 5-years old child.

Although, Patresha had already been arrested after the incident was over. But we would guess that she will only be fined for her act and released to pay the fine.

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