Man finds his car 20 years after forgetting where he parked it


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Surprisingly enough, he is not the only case that forgetful.

The story began in 1997 in Frankfurt when a car owner reported to the local police his vehicle was stolen.

20 years from the event, the missing car, surprisingly, has been tracked down by the city authorities. The authorities later claimed the car owner just forgot where he parked it.

When found out, the car was in a garage of an old building which is about to be pulled down. It was then reported to the police to investigate its owner.

According to Augsberger Allgemein, a German local paper, the 76-year-old owner was informed by the police, then along with his daughter came to receive the car. Unfortunately, the vehicle could no longer function; therefore, it had to be crushed according to the authorities’ report.

Video: Car Found 20 Years After Video: Man Forgot Where He Parked

German police have also witnessed a similar case in which a man forgetting his car after going to a drinking party in Munich. The car was found out 2 years later in a place that is 4 km away from the place he told the police.

In the trunk, there were tools worth of fifty-thousand euros and cash worth of forty-thousand euros adding up to ninety-thousand in total.

A broken car

In the UK earlier this year, there was also a parking incident found similar to the two above

In the UK earlier this year, there was also a parking incident found similar to the two above. A Scotish after spending 5 days searching for his car after the Stone Roses concert in Manchester without any success, decided to call for the help of a medley of companies to find the car.

Finally, he resorted to reporting to the police telling it was stolen. 6 months later, the car was found right at the place he’d parked it. That was not good news because he was fined over five-thousand pounds for wrong parking.

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