This life! 6 years job hunting, dies in car crash a day before receiving first salary!


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They say death is no respecter of persons. Read the tragic story of a young man who died a day to receiving his first salary, after job hunting for 6 years.

A lot of folks work hard to enjoy the good things of life. While some get to eat the fruit of their labour, some end up working in vain. The latter is the story of a young man who died recently in a car accident.

Facebook user, Nnaji Misheal Offor took to his wall to mourn the death of his friend who recently died in a car crash.


Sylvanus Okpanachi died in a car crash on 20th October

The 40-year-old friend, simply identified as Sylvanus Okpanachi was said to have spent six years searching for a job, which he finally secured. However, on the day he was supposed to receive his first salary, he died in a car crash.

His tragic death has devasted his family and Nnaji who couldn't hide his feeling as he shared the story online.


Nnaji couldn't hide his feeling as he shared the story online

Naijauto lifted the story from his wall. Here's what he wrote.

"How do I tell this Tragic Story? I have been in shock since yesterday when I was greeted with the news of your tragic demise. Mr. Silvanus Okpanachi (now late), we were together on Friday only to hear you are dead on Monday morning...

Mr. Silvanus Okpanachi was a year ahead of me in the same department then in the university...You had just secured this job and you were due to receive your first salary yesterday only to die a day to that day... I was in your office on Friday when I came for an interview. You had wished me success. I even used your pen for the written interview... You dropped me off at the gate after the interview and we bade each other goodbye... I never knew that was the last time we were going to see. You told me "if you are successful at the interview, we would meet on Monday". Those were last words to me.

You know what ? I came back Monday morning , only to be told he died in an auto crash on Sunday Evening. I became devasted . When I was supposed to be happy for coming to meet him in the same estabilishments there, I was only crying. You didn't even live to taste your first salary. You died a day before that salary was paid. We are on a queue leading to the grave. Rest peace man of peace. Rest in peace Mr. Sylvanus Okpanachi.

They say death isn't a respecter of persons. Take heart!

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