TOUCHING: Man buys a sportscar on gaining sight after 44 years of blindness


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Check out this heart-touching story of a man who was born blind but recently gained sight from surgery and the first thing he did was to buy a sports car.

How do you think it will feel like to see for the first time after 44 years of blindness?

Well, you might not be able to imagine it because you’re probably blessed with the gift of sight which is why you can read this post right now.

In another part of the world, a Canadian man named Mike Schickerowski had to wait for over 44 years before a recently successful surgery helped him gain vision and surprisingly, he didn’t waste time to fulfill his life-long dream of not just “seeing” but owning a sports car.


Mike Schickerowski – a Canadian man who recently gained sight after 44 years of blindness bought himself a yellow Chevy Corvette (dream car)

A CBC interview video narrated that Mike Schickerowski was born with a disease called “nystagmus” which literally made him unable to see for 44 years now.

He is a proud father of 3 lovely kids from Alberta in Canada and his story turned around for good after he voluntarily agreed to undergo experimental corrective eye surgery in a California clinic. Fortunately, the surgery pulled through and Mike gained vision after such a long time of “blackout”.

Apart from the happiness mixed with tears of being able to see for the very first time and realizing how much of history Mike had missed, he remembered his childhood dream of owning and driving a sports car.

And as fate would have it, he had enough resources as at the time he gained his vision, making him able to purchase a Chevy (C7) Corvette Grand Sport model despite not yet having a valid driver’s license.

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This press video below narrates Mike Schickerowski’s story with original photos and video of himself and his beautiful sports car:

Mike Schickerowski regained his sight, and bought a Corvette

This Albertan who is no longer legally blind after a surgery south of the border decided to go all out now that he can actually legally drive:

Posted by CBC Calgary on Friday, July 31, 2020

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