See the man that just bought a ₦127million personalized plate number for a 2019 Bentley Continental GT Speed


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Can you buy a ₦127 million personalized plate number for a car that costs ₦83 million? Check out the photo and details of the man that just did this!

The Naijauto team was thrilled to discover this fascinating report of one retired businessman who has just bought himself an expensive ₦127million (£287,792) personalized plate number “IG 1” in Vale of Glamorgan at a DVLA auction.

This cost of the special plate number is enough to own so many luxurious supercars models and it is now UK’s 3rd most expensive plate number after the “1 D” and “25 0” which costs ₦125million (£285,000) in the year 2009 and ₦227million (£518,000) in 2014 respectively.

The name of this man who just bought the “IG 1” is “Ian Guest”.

When “Guest” was speaking about why he spent this huge amount of money on a personalized plate number meant to be fitted on his 2019 Bentley Continental GT Speed which has a starting price of ₦83million already, he said;

“It was incredible,”

“When the price went to £100,000 everything really became a haze.

“My wife Pamela expected me to pay between £240,000 and £260,000 but I never thought it would go so high.”


Wealthy retired businessman “Ian Guest” won the DVLA auction to become a proud owner of a ₦127 million personalized plate number

The actual price of this special plate number is ₦97million (£220,000) but the various VAT and premiums caused the price to reach ₦127million (£287,792).

Even though there are quite a few expensive personalized plate numbers out there; Saeed Abdul Ghaffar – an extremely wealthy businessman in Abu Dhabi still remains the only one with a personalized ₦3.2 billion (£7.25million) “1” plate number that is the most expensive in the world.

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