This simple third-party tool helps the man escape the mud with no sweat


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Thanks to this additional wheel fitting, your car can quickly and easily escape from the mud.

The car in this clip got stuck in the mud but quickly escape thanks to a special tool. All the driver’s efforts were in vain at first regardless of excessive acceleration. Yet soon after, the driver got off the car and fitted a special tool to the rear wheel. With the help of the additional frame on the tire, the car, then rapidly and easily got out of the slough as more friction was added.

a man fit a special kit on his rear wheel

A special kit to easily take the car out of the mud

The toolset is made of steel and in the semicircle shape. You first must disassemble bolts on the wheel and then, replace them with metal pins to install the frame to escape the mud.

Here is the footage of the incredible escape from slough with the special kit:

Video: Incredible Invention Truck Stuck In Mud

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