Unique Made-in-Nigeria car spotted in Lagos


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Another Made-in-Nigeria car has been spotted on the road in Lagos. The car shows potentials abound in the Nigerian automobile industry.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a car is “a road vehicle with an engine, four wheels and seats for a small number of people.” While top automakers are known for churning out luxurious pieces that leave one speechless, vehicles that do not meet such high standards are not, any less, cars. Hence, this unique vehicle spotted at the popular computer village in Lagos deserves a seat at the table of cars.


Made-in-Nigeria cars are becoming increasingly popular 

It is hard to not do a double-take on this vehicle. You are most likely to look at it multiple times because it is different from other cars available on the road. It is equipped with four wheels, a roof, and a scantily covered body. Obviously, it has an engine. Otherwise, it would not be able to move on the road. Size is not something this Made-in-Nigeria car can boast of. It is very small with only two seats in the front – one for the driver and the other for a single passenger. If you are particular about aesthetics in cars, well, this one is not your cup of tea as it is void of any beautiful decorations.

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Despite the crude nature of the car, it is worthy of commendation because Nigeria is not known to be a producer of cars. Innovations like this are gradually changing that narrative. In recent years, the internet has seen various cars produced locally by Nigerians, such as cars produced by Innoson Motors. While those cars may need some refinement to get anywhere close to cars produced in other climes, they showcase the potentials abound in the automobile industry. And with an effective auto policy in the works, it is only a matter of time before we begin to produce standard automobiles.

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