Must see! Check out those creative made-in-Africa Keke Napeps


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Nigerian sense of creativity is second to none.Check out these innovative photos of Keke Napep made in the country as well as Africa.

The engine-powered tricycle, populary known as 'Keke Napep' or 'Keke Marwa' has come to stay in Africa.More especially in Nigeria,as it's creating economic value and also one of the means of transportation.

Nigerians are widely known for their sense of creativity which they are always proud to put to display. And one of such display is the reinvention of the three-wheeled vehicle,Keke Napep.


Keke Napeps are now more and more popular for its economic value

Here on, we've shared some stories of some Nigerians that have taken a shot to recreate Keke Napep.One of the news story was the all electric Keke spotted in Aba, made by Aba creatives.The tricycle is powered by electric and has no need for fuel.And it's carbon emission is zero.

Again, we saw the luxurious version of the tricycle as it has everything you can't find in the Keke you see or ride on every day.This luxury version has the looks of a mini SUV. It's built with doors, electric fan,a spare tire at the rear.You can say this tricycle has a promise of being a comfortable ride with these features. And with the rainy season approaching, the doors would shield passengers from getting drenched . You sure know tricycles are not great ride options during the rainy season.


Nigerians are now striving to produce Keke NAPEPs on their own

Also on the news is Nigeria producing the first made-in-Africa Keke Napep that's solar-powered.The tricycle was manufactured in a bid to reduce the dependence on gasoline as the major means of generating power and transportation.

We do hope these tricycles hit the market soon.

We've pieced these photos of made-in-Africa Keke Napep together so you can enjoy the creativity at work on them.Though some have an outlook that's unusual but that's what creativity is all about.Some have also been redesigned into a wedding chaffuer vehicle. However, the tricycle has been designed to look, it's still the Keke Napep we love hopping in and out from.

Check them out now!


The 3-wheel vehicle is now becoming a thriving business in Nigeria


It not only carries many people but also beauty so people love posing with it as well


More and more Kekes dominate the Nigerian roads


Do you think it is cool to have one?


Kekes are commonly used in weddings as well


Electric kekes also helps protect the evironment


The keke is proudly used to connect this Nigerian to his American wife


How to say? Beautiful in Keke, right?


Keke has been transforming to be greater and greater


Business with kekes has proved fruitful


This 3-wheeled vehicle is popularly known as Keke Napep or Keke Marwa


The tricycle is inspiration for many to upgrade it


A combined version of a beetle with a motocycle


A drop-top version of the Keke NAPEP


Now the Keke NAPEP can even provide you sleeps

Be sure to read up the latest car news update on our news section.

Keke Napep is now an economic value and means of transportation

Jane Osuagwu
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