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Luxury cars are status elevators. And knowing the ones that offers you comfort, entertainment and smooth ride in the rear seat is worth owning. Check out the luxury cars with such features!

Nothing defines one's class and personality like owning a luxury car. Whether you're going to be the one driving the car or you'll be driven in it, luxury rides distinguish you from other car owners.

We know not everyone can afford to buy an expensive car, that's why we already took time to list down some affordable new cars for 2020 for our esteemed readers who don't want to necessarily empty their account to ride in plush cars.

With that being said, if you are rich enough and are considering getting yourself an expensive luxury car to define your new status and turn heads in your neighborhood as you're being driven in it, Naijauto is here to present to you some luxury sedans with top-notch back seat packages.

Talk of comfort in the front and rear seats, infotainment, excellent driving, smooth ride, and great performance...they're all offered in these high-end cars than anything on four wheels.

Let's check them out.                                              

1. Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase (EWB)

Price: ₦190 million ($525,000)

Unique cars have no rival. And talk about one, it's the Phantom Extended Wheelbase. Beauty and comfort have been merged in the suite of this luxury iconic car. Stretching about 8.7 inches longer than the base car, the sedan features an electro-chromatic glass that separates the front and rear cabin at the press of a button. So, it's a privacy suite free from disturbance. You can hop into the back seat to have that private conversation. It has two seats looking like thrones that massages occupants. There’re tray tables, champagne cooler placed between the two seats and footrests that are controlled by a button as well.

The Phantom is fully equipped with cutting-edge infotainment system like two 12-inch monitors connected together and HDMI port which occupants can use to link their phones with the bespoke car.

The luxury sedan is soundproof and the tyre all has sound-absorbing foams too. With its five star rating, Riding on this luxury car is heavenly.


The Phantom EWB features an electro-chromatic glass that separates the front and rear at the press of a button

2. Bentley Mulsanne

Price: ₦110.2 million ($304,670)

The Bentley Mulsanne is much more than a luxury sedan. It’s the height of Bentley's craftsmanship and latest design. Its interior is superb as there're 24 colours to choose from for the leather. The door capping is available in 12 polished veneers. Ambient lighting is present and adjustable to suit every mood. The rear seat features 8-way adjustment and adjustable heating for comfort while passengers recline to take a drink from the bottle coolers, though optional. The footrests are all handcrafted, not mass-produced.

The Mulsanne range has two 10.2-inch display, in-car WIFI with a 4G network, Google integration for online engagements.


The rear seat of the Bentley Mulsanne features 8-way adjustment and adjustable heating for comfort

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3. Lexus LS 500

Price: ₦36 million ($98,400)

Sitting at the back seat of the Lexus LS 500 is like flying first class. With its plush white leather interior and Kiriko glass ornamentation that's handcrafted, passengers get to experience the definition of stunning styling and craftsmanship. The LS 500 exotic car came with 22-way power back seat that has butterfly headrest.

There's a compartment at the back to stow laptop and other collectibles. The infotainment system gives a theater-style feeling with the large 12.3-inch split-screen multimedia that provides instant and continuous access to climate and audio controls.


The Lexus LS 500 has plush white leather interior and handcrafted Kiriko glass ornamentation

4. Mercedes Maybach S 650

Price: ₦72.3 million ($199,900)

The Mercedes Maybach S 650 is perfection in motion. If you want to enjoy this awesome ride, allow yourself to be driven while you stretch out and relax at the rear seat, relishing the heated and ventilated rear seats. With all-LED interior lighting, you can take a shot at the 12.3-inch high-resolution central display while cruising around town.

The car's wheelbase is 7.9- inches longer than a standard Mercedes S-Class. This additional length was mapped out for the rear seat to provide more space. There, you can take a sip of chilled champagne from the small fridge at the back seat. Again, and it has cooled cup holders to keep your drinks. There are Bluetooth, HD radio receiver and WIFI hotspot you can use to stream on your mobile device.


If you want to enjoy this awesome ride, allow yourself to be driven while you stretch out and relax at the rear seat

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5. Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive

Price: ₦59 million ($161,900)

Just like the Mercedes Maybach, the long-wheelbase Panamera Turbo Executive was built to pamper rear seat riders. Porsche is known to offer a plethora of options for customers like its 15 exterior colours, 9 leather shades for interior, noise-insulated glass just to mention.

The Turbo Executive came with 60/40 split-folding back seats and has enough legroom considering it has been stretched to be 6-inches longer than the standard model. If you are the type that likes the cool weather, you can take advantage of the panoramic roof offered as standard. It has a multi-way electrical adjustment to provide comfort, 10 air cushions in each rear seat to give you a massage by simply pressing a button. There’s two 10.1-inch touchscreen with high-quality design to match the interior. The touchscreen has a camera which you can use to conduct video calls and chats.


The long-wheelbase Panamera Turbo Executive was built to pamper rear seat riders

6. Lincoln Continental Reserve

Price: ₦23.3 million ($64,605)

Class is depicted in the Lincoln Continental Reserve. Ranking No 7 in the USA for luxury large cars, the cushy seats are made of Alcantara headliner and perforated Venetian leather. The large sedan comes with heated rear seats. There’s ashtray at the armrest and exceptional rear seat legroom for passengers.

The doors are opened by pressing a button. A feature worth mentioning is the active noise cancellation which drowns noises when it's being driven around.


The cushy seats of the Lincoln Continental Reserve are made of Alcantara headliner and perforated Venetian leather

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7. BMW M760i xDrive

Price: ₦56 million ($156,700)

Going for the BMW M760i xDrive means you'll be the one behind the wheels. It’s powered by a turbo V-12 engine and can be mated to all-wheel drive to enable impressive traction. The sedan has heated and cool rear seats that passengers can recline to while featuring eight modes.BMW calls two of its 'Vitality' programs. The right seat has a folding worktable. The car has WIFI, small remote to change environmental settings. The ride also came with a panoramic sky lounge LED roof that shows different colors.


The BMW M760i xDrive has heated and cool rear seats that passengers can recline to

8. Jaguar XJL Supercharged

Price: ₦35.1 million (97,200)

It's almost been 50 years since the Jaguar XJL hit the road, yet the luxury car is still stunning. It came with a Supercharged V8 engine and has been stretched to provide more legroom in the rear. The rear seats have stowable pin-sharp 10.2 inch HD screen, foldable footrests, and business tables.LED reading lights are featured, as well as Meridian sound system.


The rear seats have stowable pin-sharp 10.2 inch HD screen, foldable footrests, and business tables

9. Audi A8

Price: ₦30.3 million ($83,800)

The back seat of the Audi A8 is a comfortable place to be. The executive comfort package features center console fully covered with leather, rear comfort headrests, folding tables in the long center console, rear heated surfaces and rear wedge-style footrests.

There's a tablet-style ultra-thin rear-seat entertainment system that came with household power outlet, USB port.

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The rear seat of Audi A8 has a tablet-style ultra-thin rear-seat entertainment system 

10. Genesis G90 5.0

Price: ₦27.2 million ($75,350)

You'll be forgiven if you don't know that Genesis is Hyundai's luxury brand. Though the price is lower, yet it came with lots of backseat features. The sedan has windshield sunshade at the rear, power window, heated and cooled rear seats that can be power-adjusted in 14 ways, 10.3-inch LCD screen. The rear seats also have a memory setting which isn't regularly seen in other cars.


The Genesis G90  has heated and cooled rear seats that can be power-adjusted in 14 ways

Going through our list of luxury cars with great back seats, you can agree that one of them deserves a spot in your garage.

Top cars with luxury back seats

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