Paradoxically, luxury Rolls-Royce, G-Wagon, Bugatti or Range Rover are smuggled into Nigeria by super rich


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Even the super rich want to evade importation duty on their luxury cars while they are absolutely able to pay tax for it. They would rather smuggle it in, yet they claim to be rich!

It is very glaring to everyone that poor folks can't afford luxury cars, let alone having them in fleet. Rich folks are known to show off their wealth by acquiring luxury cars. We don't have a problem with their open display of wealth via luxury cars, but it's a huge problem when they try to sabotage the economy by evading import taxes on their high-end cars.

As shared here on, let's see the story of rich import duty evaders.

Nigeria Custom officers assigned to Owerri zone, in Imo state, have seized 10 luxury cars that was smuggled into the country by wealthy folks. Among the smuggled luxury cars are a Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Range Rover, Bentley and Mercedes Benz G-Wagon tuned by Brabus.These are premium cars sold at higher prices.



A Bentley is being smuggled into the country

Comptroller Olusemire Kayode, who is the Customs Zonal Comptroller, Zone C, Owerri, revealed the news over the Comptroller Kayode stated that they confiscated close to 2,900 bags of rice and other imported items. And that from January to March this year, they've been able to generate a Duty Paid Value (DPV) totaled at about ₦442 million. This news is coming in as the Comptroller General of Strike Force unit in Lagos State, was said to have apprehended four smugglers, who are connected to a 6,102 bags of 50 kg foreign rice loaded inside 10 trucks, together with other contraband.

The seized goods and Duty Paid Value (DPV) made in Lagos and some parts of the Southwest, came to ₦460.8 million.


A Range Rover was intercepted for source investigation (Source:

Here's what the Zonal Comptroller, Zone C, Owerri said,

Look at a Rolls Royce car that somebody brought into Nigeria. Among the luxury cars impounded, you will find Bughatti, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz Brabus (G-Wagon) and armoured cars. A Rolls Royce car will cost about N87 million and whoever imports such a vehicle into Nigeria must belong to the upper class in society.

Then, why is it that the superrich in the country should be the ones to sabotage the economy of the country? Why would anybody bring in a vehicle as expensive as Mercedes G-Wagon Brabus and choose the inconvenient path of smuggling it through the bushes instead of paying the little duties that go to government?

We also have bulletproof Range Rover Sports. Why would you want to show your wealth without complying with government policies?


Mercedes-Benz is also often seen in smuggling list

For some individuals claiming to be ignorant of import duty policies, he told this,

but we have consistently said it that anyone who wants to buy any vehicle should first of all ask the dealer about the ‘C’ number and visit any Customs formation nearest to him to get information about the vehicle.

With the ‘C’ number, you will find out if the import duty was paid on the vehicle or not. Don’t just go to any dealer to buy vehicle without finding out the ‘C’ number of the vehicle

He went further to say that the people behind the luxury car smuggling will face the law.

The Nigeria Custom is poised to fight illegal importation of goods into the country

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Jane Osuagwu
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