Check out 3 brand-new Mercedes-Benzes added to Lukaku's cars collection


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The Manchester United football forward was sighted with 3 different brand-new Mercedes-Benz cars in 3 months. Chances are he is also a fan of Benz like us Naija!

It is not uncommon to find footballers of the English Premier League driving the top of the range cars. But when you are a star player signed on at a record fee of £75,000, earns £220,000 a week, and helped your country win the third place in the FIFA World Cup, it then becomes a given to be found riding in the biggest and highest-class cars around town. Naijauto brings you the top of the range Mercedes-Benz vehicles that Lukaku has just added to his fleets of luxury cars in a space of three months.

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Romelu Lukaku is a Manchester United star striker, and as something that has become almost tradition, Manchester United players are known to drive some of the best, eye-popping cars in England. Teammates like Paul Pogba is known to drive a Bentley, Alexis Sanchez and Jesse Lindgard both drive a Range Rover, while Marcos Rojo drives a gigantic Cadillac wagon. It is therefore no surprise to find Lukaku driving cars like his £250,000 Rolls Royce and recently adding to this growing fleet, some exotic machines like the Mercedes AMG GTR coupe, S Class coupe as well as the AMG GLS 63 4x4 . This was within a space of three months after returning from helping his country – Belgium, to win the third place at the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Let’s take a vivid look with Naijauto at these exotic engineering masterpieces.

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1. The Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS 63 (4x4) – The Brute SUV that has not lost its sports!

Lukaku’s Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 comes in at a price of £115,000 – not even up to a week’s wage. This extravagant masterpiece of automobile is part of a winning top of the range class of vehicles from Mercedes. It is quite spacious with room for up to seven people, and has a V8 engine (twin turbo-charged, 577HP) that can scare away almost any other vehicle on the road. Its performance can put a smile on your face once you step on the gas, giving you pure joy.


Lukaku's New Mercedes AMG GLS is a fantastic machine to behold!

This sporty SUV turns driving into a pleasurable experience, with its mouth-watering leather-lined interiors, massaging front seats, and entertainment systems that are one of a kind. Romelu Lukaku definitely has got it going with this beauty.

Lukaku's cars are way beyond a decent taste - they are amazing!

2. Mercedes-Benz S Class Coupe – the new modern in design!

This two-door gorgeousness is the pure definition of modern style and design, with a clear departure from the long stretch, shuttle-like design of other classes like the Sedans. This is sure to give you a sense of compactness and agility.


Romelu Lukaku was also spotted in this Mercedes S Class Coupe - a travel in pure class

Lukaku’s black S Class Coupe, which he was sighted, driving after Manchester United’s loss to Derby County in the Carabao cup, has been estimated to worth over £120,000.

3. Mercedes-AMG GTR Coupe – stands out from the crowd!

This also is a two-door stunning exquisiteness like the preceding coupe. It is a sporty coupe that is outstanding from the numerous coupes available today. Its cost starts around £100,000 but Lukaku’s GTR Coupe is said to cost over £120,000. It is equipped with capabilities and performance only compared to supercars like the Porsche GT3 RS, with its 7-speed automatic transmission, V8 twin-turbo engine that can hit 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 sec.


Another one of Lukaku's new Mercedes-Benz coupe - the AMG GTR Coupe with fire power

This is a car that is in a class of its own, with body controls and suspension able to hold its own against any bumpiness encountered on the roads. Comfort is a given, with a style that speaks both luxury and fun, having a wide touch screen dashboard and a console centrally placed in the middle of the occupiers.

In conclusion

Romelu Lukaku surely knows how to travel in style, but with these luxuries on wheels, he sure will be having some serious fun times while driving to practice, and who knows might even translate into scoring more goals for the club.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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