Lucky driver escapes death when load of logs smashes through his Nissan Xterra


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What could be seen as an unconscious act was what saved a Georgia man from losing his life when a load of logs smashed through his windshield. Read details of this one-off story below!

Some people might refer to this as dumb luck or whatsoever. The certain thing is that the driver will live another day to tell the tale. What looked like certain death was logs smashing apart and going through the windshield of a Nissan Xterra SUV in Georgia.


What a lucky escape as the man was found to be unhurt when rescued from his Nissan Xterra SUV

Fortunately for the Georgia man, he didn’t suffer any injury from this near-fatal incident during a collision with a tractor-trailer hauling logs. According to report reaching us here on Naijauto, we learnt that the truck ahead of the man braked unexpectedly, and he instantly hit the rear end of the truck with his vehicle. Consequently, as a result of the instant collision, the logs smashed right through the windshield of the SUV, hereby making their way to the cargo area of the Nissan Xterra.

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The load of logs impaled the windshield, went past the second row and straight into the cargo area

The man was lucky enough to be picking something he dropped on his car floor when the logs impaled the windshield. It was indeed an unconscious lifesaving act. According to report, there were up to forty logs that smashed through the car and none of them hit the man. Although it took the fire fighter some time before they could remove the man from the SUV, after using chainsaw to cut through the load of logs, the experience left him unscathed.

So far, no car comes with a safety feature that could prevent this type of scenario despite the potency of solid braking detection system. The most important thing is to always drive carefully especially when driving around truck.

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