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Would you believe that a man survived in a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon that landed on its roof after flying out of a 3-Storey garage? Or a woman survives after trailers totaled her hatchback? Check here some of the luckiest drivers in this world who insist on a "No" for Death! believes that sometimes, luck just smiles on some people. And in this article today, let's see who they are, the luckiest drivers in the world!

1. A fall from 3-storey building

A good example is this man who was involved in a recent accident where he survived in Mercedes Benz G-Wagon SUV that landed on its roof after it crashed from the glass garage of a 3-Storey building.

Reports have it that the man had supposedly wanted to step on the brake pedals when he mistakenly stepped on the accelerator. This was what prompted the G-Wagon SUV to fly out through the exterior glass wall of the garage and made its way down.


Mercedes Benz G-Wagon landed on its roof after flying out of a 3-Storey garage but driver survived

It was a lucky day for both pedestrians and other drivers as the off-roader landed on the busy Los Angeles road at 11 p.m and no human got harmed nor did it land on any car as well. Investigators reported that the driver had been hospitalized as he suffered multiple injuries but recovered quickly and that this was not a DUI case.

2. Unconscious act saves life

This man was driving his Nissan behind a truck full of logs, then suddenly this happened.


Load of logs smashed through the windshield but the driver stayed unharmed

You may ask how the driver could escape that death. Well, the moment logs impaled his windshield, he was bending down to pick up something he'd dropped. To read full details of the incident, click here!

3. Step out and never look back!

Yeah, that's our advice in this case below. The woman and her baby just stepped out of the car to buy soda from a nearby shop, only to see their car be crushed beyond recognition by a container.


Luck has smiled on this woman's family but not on her car

4. Luckiest driver & father at once

A father was driving and suddenly, a 22.5-inch tire out of nowhere struck his Peugeot, smashing the child seat at the rear.

The driver got no harm and thanked God as he didn't take his son out on that day. He said his son wanted to come out with dad but luckily, he was unable to take him. You can check more pics here.

Luckiest people in the world

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