Sad! Lorry driver trying to rescue accident victim crushed to death while escaping from angry mob


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A lorry driver trying to rescue his victim has been crushed to death as he was fleeing from an angry mob.

A tipper lorry driver trying to rescue a hawker he accidentally knocked down has been crushed to death while running away from an angry mob. Information reaching Naijauto says the unfortunate driver was killed by a bus driver at Ibafo, Obafemi/owode LGA, Ogun State.

The tipper lorry driver was escaping from some traffic hawkers who were attacking him for knocking over their fellow hawker at Kara/Ibafo, Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

An eyewitness, who was at the scene of the incident, said some traffic hawkers were busy playing beside the road. One of them pushed the hawker into an oncoming tipper lorry which knocked him down, breaking his leg.

The driver was said to have alighted from his lorry and went to rescue the hawker but his fellow hawkers on the road wouldn't have any of it. Angered by the accident, they attacked the lorry driver.

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The driver took to his heels in a bid to escape the angry mob. While crossing the expressway, he didn't look to check for coming vehicle. He ended up being crushed by a commercial bus driving at a high speed.

An eyewitness identified as Ibrahim, who condemned the attack said, the hawkers who attacked the lorry driver took to their heels when they saw that the commercial bus had knocked him down.


The scene of the accident

He stated, 

The hawker and his friends usually hawk in traffic on the expressway, but on Friday, the boy and his fellow hawkers were playing by the roadside when one of his fellow hawkers suddenly pushed him. It happened unexpectedly, so, the tipper lorry driver, who was driving on the road at that time, rammed the boy and broke his leg.

The driver quickly parked his vehicle and rushed to rescue the boy, but his friends attacked and assaulted the driver. When the assault was getting out of control, the driver fled for his life and crossed to the other side of the road without looking properly. So, immediately he crossed the road, a commercial bus, which was on top speed, crushed him and he died on the spot                                                                                                  

Another eyewitness who goes by the name of Saheed Aruna said the mob was responsible for the death of the driver. He implored the police to conduct an investigation into the matter so as to arrest and prosecute the suspects.

Saheed said,

The boys attacking the driver before he got knocked down were responsible for his death; you need to see the way they pursued him with sticks and it wasn’t as if he ran away when the accident happened. I saw his motor boy crying when the bus crushed him to death.

I heard that the police have arrested some of the hawkers responsible for the attack on the driver. The police should ensure that the remaining ones are arrested so that they can all be prosecuted

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Street hawkers and jungle justice are both alarming problems in Nigeria

Another eyewitness who also came forward to tell his own side of the story said, there's a high rate of accident around the area which he said was caused by the road rehabilitation going on at Lagos-Ibadan expressway. He called on the government to hasten the project so as to prevent further calamities.

Amiru said,

"The accident happened around 2pm on Friday, September 6, 2019; no one would have died, but the hawker’s friends did not exercise patience. The ongoing reconstruction of the road is contributing to the constant accidents around this area. The engineers have divided the outward lane of the road into two and blocked one part where construction is ongoing.

The remaining part was divided into two for vehicles going in and out of Lagos to ply, but the road is very narrow and when drivers want to overtake or are driving on top speed, accidents usually occur. We want the government to instruct the engineers to hasten the construction so that further accidents can be prevented."

While confirming the accident, the Public Relations Officer Ogun State Police, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said that the commercial bus driver who knocked the lorry driver down fled the scene. He added that they've started investigating the matter. He also condemned the mob attack and charged the public to always report such matters to the police and desist from using jungle justice.

Oyeyemi said,

"It was a case of hit-and-run motor accident; as the vehicle hit the tipper lorry driver, the bus driver did not stop, but we are still investigating to get him arrested. At first, the police did not know that some people had descended on the tipper lorry driver; it was later that we got to know that some people were pursuing him and in the process of running away from them, another vehicle hit him.

We have evacuated the corpse to the mortuary and we are investigating to get to the root of the matter. We have been saying that jungle justice is not the right way of doing things; how can people be taking the law into their own hands? It is not acceptable anywhere, because it is barbaric.

if there is an accident or any issue that requires police attention, the best thing to do is to report to the police so that the needful can be done. Nobody is allowed to take the law into their own hands."

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