Take a look at the longest sea bridge in the world in China!


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China makes history again with the construction of the longest sea bridge in the world which costs about N7.3 trillion. Check out pictures of the bridge!

China isn’t relenting on its mission to be the strongest innovator in the world. They achieved a milestone in that regard as they recently opened a sea bridge which is recorded to be the longest sea bridge in the world at 55km. The bridge is the sixth longest amongst all types of bridges ever constructed in the world, and the building of the masterpiece lasted for nine years.

The bridge which was declared opened by the Chinese president on October 24, 2018 connects three of the country’s cities: Macau and Hong Kong and also Zhuhai – a mainland Chinese city. That's why it's named Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge.


China wants to boost tourism on this longest sea bridge

Before the bridge was opened, travelers used to spend up to four hours traveling from Hong Kong to Zhuhai. But with this new development, the journey has been reduced to just about thirty minutes.

Features of the longest sea bridge in the world

There are certain factors that make this bridge stand out. First off, it was built with the huge sum of twenty billion dollars (N7.3 trillion). Secondly, the bridge isn’t getting worn out any time soon as it was designed to be very durable for the next one hundred and twenty years. That’s a very long time. The heavy-weight construction was also built with natural disasters in mind. Typhoons and earthquakes will have nothing on the bridge as it was constructed with instruments that are resistant to such disasters.


The operation building of the bridge is situated on the sea

Some areas of the total crossing are made up of a 30km bridge that passes through the sea. There’s also an underwater tunnel of 6.7km that passes through two artificially created islands. This is to ensure that big cargo ship containers are able to pass by successfully.

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Vehicles passing through the toll gate at Hong Kong port on the very first days of opening

Photo source: news.cn

To give you a clearer vision of the bridge, let’s compare it to Lagos Third Mainland Bridge which comes second on the list of longest bridges in Africa. Third Mainland bridge is 11.8km in length while this is 55km – that’s a very long gap.


This is how Chinese celebrate their Lunar new year on this special bridge

As of now, only private vehicles with permits can ply the bridge. Residents of Hong Kong cannot use the bridge without special permits.


The Zhuhai port is often crowded with passengers and tourists

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