Angry Londoner throws eggs and paint on motorist's car for inconsiderate parking


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A furious driver in London threw eggs and paint on a fellow driver's car over his poor parking skills. See the pictures and comments below!

A London motorist got furious with the way a fellow driver parked his Lexus car at a parking lot that he threw eggs at the car and splashed white paint all over it too.


The car got more than it bargained for when its owner parked wrongly at a parking spot in London

A man identified as Alasdair Duncan sighted the messy condition of the car on his way to work in Ladbroke Grove, a road in London.

An angry note written by the furious driver was also left on the black Lexus car. The note said, "Consider others when you park!"

From the report gathered by Naijauto, the Lexus car was parked in such a way that, only four feet was left behind it. With this, no car can fit into the four feet space left behind the parked car.

Alasdair who posted a picture of the Lexus car on Facebook was of the view that the act was an overreaction, though he agreed that the car was poorly parked.

He said,

"It’s a bit nuts, isn’t it? Somebody is not very settled in themselves. It’s a weird thing.

Perhaps they know the person, perhaps there’s some history. You don’t know if it’s the same person who left the note who [threw the paint] although we presume [it was].

The paint was wet when I saw it, so I guess it was a fresh action. The paint had no sign of drying."

On his way back from work around, Alasdair noticed that the car hasn't left the spot and the owner was also not in sight.

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The angry note left by the furious driver on the Lexus car

His post on Facebook has gathered over 335 comments as at the time of this report.

A user commented that,

"Who carries paint around with them? Just in case?"

Another wrote,

"I'm not sure bad parking justifies criminal damage."

Well, be considerate whenever you're parking your car at a parking lot. You can never tell the action that might be taken against your car.

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