Living room for supercars: when La Ferrari & Veyron are bored of their garage!


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What do you think about a living room turned garage for Supercars? A private auto show or car mart perhaps? Check out this high=tech living room!

What do you look forward to, when you tell an architect to design your house for you? I believe you will tell them to give priorities to certain places; for example the kitchen is given priority if you are a chef. However, what if you are a car lover? You love collecting not just cars but super cars and hyper cars that would leave any spectator speechless.

I’m sure you will tell the architect to give priority to the garage; you would even fit in automatic gates, air conditioning system and even underground structures. This is what most of us would do but that is not the case of an Instagram user, FerrariDrive, who chose a different approach. He made his living room his garage. Yes! You heard right.


Ferrari cars and Bugatti Veyron parked in the living room

What would it feel like when you open a door to a living room to find a Ferrari la Ferrari and a Ferrari 599 GTO parked side by side with a Bugatti Veyron. More so, being neatly parked close to the piano and the fire place? This is after passing by a Ferrari 458 Speciale Asparte parked outside too. Such a feeling is what you will get when you find yourself in a house in the techy Silicon Valley of California.


A cool Ferrari 458 Speciale Asparte and GTO sit outside the Silicon Valley pad

Shmee150, an auto vlogger couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tour this personal automobile showroom when FerrariDrive invited him for lunch in his house. This he (shmee150) did as part of his tour of the US. 

The Bugatti Veyron in this living room/ garage is part of the first batch of cars ever made for the united states, and is also the fifth Veyron to be made. Then there is the red coloured la Ferrarri. Being a hybrid supercar, it is one of the 500 la Ferraris made. It is parked close to its Ferrari charging plug of course. Finally we get to the Ferrari 599 GTO parked outside.

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You can go on a video tour with shmee150 by watching the video below

HYPERCARS INSIDE THE HOUSE! Veyron, LaFerrari and 599 GTO Drive

With its plum colour, this supercar comes complete with gold wheels and brushed trims.  Another addition to these three coupe styled cars is the yellow coloured Ferrari 458 Speciale Asperta. These super cars are sure feeling at home.


Bugatti Veyron makes a fitting companion to the grand piano, giving this room panache

 To make this quick tour complete shmee150 had the luxury of taking the 599 GTO for a quick ride.

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