CCTV Footage: Little girl bows in respect to a driver for stopping to let her cross the road


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A little girl in China was caught by CCTV as she bows in respect to a driver for stopping to let her cross the road. What an example of politeness, see it here!

Have you ever appreciated anyone for waiting for you to cross the road at a Zebra crossing?

Almost everyone here at got their hearts melted by the innocence and politeness of a young Chinese girl who was recently caught by a CCTV camera as she bows in bows in respect to a driver for stopping to let her cross the road at a Zebra Crossing in Chaozhou, China.

Yes, we understand that according to general traffic laws, anyone is allowed to cross the road by a Zebra Crossing (pedestrian crossing) while all vehicles wait till the crossing is clear of any human. But we all know that at these modern times, only a few drivers obey these traffic laws. Many drivers don’t even border to slow down anymore at Zebra crossings which are giving rise to various crashes/accidents leading to pedestrian injuries, and even death.

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And again, this little girl can’t really be blamed for her polite act because many recent studies have shown that China happens to have records of being among the nations with highest cases of pedestrian injuries and death resulting from numerous hit-and-run crashes especially at Zebra crossings.

See the CCTV footage below that captured the whole scenario with the little girl:

Polite girl bows to car driver after he stops to let her cross the road

So, would you agree that what the little girl did make any sense positively?

Or, you think she’s just being a kid?

For us, we absolutely think she was just being polite as it is a sign of respect and humility in China to bow for anyone. And we assume that the little girl must have been brought up in an environment where culture, tradition, and religion have strong roots for her to have done such a polite thing like this.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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