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Lionel Messi house and cars & where he lived before famous?

By Hassana Obi
Publish on December 17, 2018

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Ronaldo has 20 cars, so how many Messi is owning? How rich Messi is and where did he live before he was famous? Click here to see all Lionel Messi house and cars and more…

1. Who is Lionel Messi?

You might think you know enough but no. There’re many more other interesting facts around this man you need to research on further!

Lionel Messi (aka Leo Messi) is the most famous Argentine professional footballer at present, playing at forward position and also taking leadership of either Barcelona football club or Argentina national football team.

He is well-known for the amazing ability of left-foot dribbling and placed in tight competition with the reputed Cristiano Ronaldo. He was also declared to be the successor of Diego Maradona.

After reading about Lionel Messi house and cars, don’t forget to take a look at most intriguing information about this Argentine international collected by Naijauto!


Lionel Messi – the dream figure of million boys globally

2. Messi cars - from Toyota to Ferrari, to private jet!

2.1. Messi cars list

Little but driving grand fantastic automobiles, it’s no one but Lionel Messi inside his car fleet.

Here are the updated Messi cars list till 2018.

1 – Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

This model is among the fastest beasts from GranTurismo automaker. It employs a V8 engine to produce 450PS and reach top speed of 300 km/h.

The car is also equipped with diamond-coated cams as in F1 cars.


The little man along his powerful MC Stradale

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2 – Audi R8 Spyder

A bit slower than the MC Stradale, the Audi R8 Spyder uses a 4.2L V8 engine coupled with the cutting-edged Quattro AWD technology from Audi.


Messi’s Audi R8 Spyder is built on an aluminium frame

3 – Maserati GranTurismo S

The second GranTurismo can reach the same max speed as the first unit Messi has, but utilizes a 6-speed robotized manual transmission for much different driving experiences in daily ride.


The Maserati GranTurismo S was launched in 2008

4 – Lexus RX 450h

Since hybrid vehicles are becoming the trend, this Argentine icon wants to give it ago as well.

Messi chose the Lexus RX 450h equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine to produce 267 PS. The hybrid car can operate on pure electric mode thanks to 2 motors in both front and rear axles.


Messi hopes to protect the environment in spite of his tax fraud scandal

5 – Range Rover Vogue

Installed a supercharged 5L V8 engine, Messi’s Range Rover Vogue can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in exactly 5.4 seconds. This formidable off-roader is priced from ₦76.5 million.


The Range Rover Vogue from Land Rover is also present in his garage

6 – Audi RS6 Avant Performance

An Audi again!

Also installed Audi’s quarto AWD, this RS6 Avant adopts a 4L twin-turbo V8 engine to give max output of up to 600 PS.


The Audi RS6 Avant Performance in its full speed

The price of this model on the market now starts from ₦90 million. However, the salary of Messi in one week can buy at least 2 cars like this, don’t worry!

7 – Ferrari F430 Spider

Any car collection would be incomplete if missing a Spider from this automaker.

Ferrari F430 Spider can be considered one of the most beautiful designs on Earth, powered by a 4.3L naturally aspirated V8 engine. The car model is priced at approximately ₦63 million.


The flawless masterpiece from Ferrari – F430 Spider

8 – Toyota Prius

A humble star like Messi would never miss a practical model from the Japanese carmaker. Actually, this car was awarded to Messi in 2011 by its own manufacturer when he won the MVP award in World Cup held in Japan that year.


Prius is a gift from Toyota for his performance in World Cup

The Prius comes with a 1.8L 4-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor. A battery pack is included along, of course. This modest car, albeit slow compared to others in his garage, boasts an impressive fuel economy of 3.9L per 100 km.

9 – Pagani Zonda Tricolore

More expensive than all above automobiles is the Pagani Zonda Tricolore – one of the 3 units ever made. The car employs a 7.3L V12 engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Messi has paid $2 million (~₦725 million) to be the owner of this.


The Pagani Zonda Tricolore has only 3 siblings, making it extremely expensive

2.2. Messi new car – the legendary prancing horse of 1957

The latest and most expensive car of Leonel Messi is a 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti, which was auctioned in 2016.

This Messi new car cost him up to ₦13 billion to bring it home.


Here comes the 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scaglietti worth 13 billion!

There were only 4 designs of this model being produced. Back to the year 1957, while most cars were struggling to reach over 100 km/h, this Ferrari 335 S had successfully topped up 300 km/h.

The car was powered by a 4.0L naturally aspirated V12 engine paired with a 4-speed manual transmission and weighed 880 kg only.

2.3. Messi private jet

With such a huge net worth, it’s not common when Messi rents a private jet for $15 million (~₦5 billion). Inside the plane, there are 2 bathrooms and 16 seats transformed into 8 beds when necessary.


Inside Messi private jet: smart and cozy!

The decoration follows a smart neutral tone with several customized highlights of the footballers.


Warning: cuteness overloaded!

A number 10 is added on the tail and names of his family members are painted on the steps. Such a cute family, right?

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3. Lionel Messi house before and after

The world-famous footballer is living with his family in the Bellamar – the suburb of Castelldefels, Barcelona.

The area used to be a small undeveloped region but thanks to various footballers of Barcelona, including Messi, it is now the most expensive and prestigious neighborhood. Houses here, at the moment, often have starting prices of £4.5 million above (~from ₦2 billion).


Messi house in Barcelona viewed from above

Lionel Messi house is not an exception and even worth more than that. He bought an old mansion for around ₦740 million in 2009 and has put up to ₦2.5 billion to renovate it.

3.1. Messi house inside

Inside the house, the owner adopts a Mediterranean style with basic décor. The theme color is dark brown and beige.


Messi relaxing in the mansion with his little son (Can you spot?)

The mansion has a mini-football pitch, a swimming pool, a playground and an outdoor dining area.



The footballer invested 2.5 billion to build extra facilities around the house

Interestingly, because the neighbors are rather noisy and unwilling to co-operate, Messi has bought them out so that his family can live peacefully.

For a while, the image of Messi ball-shaped house is prevalent, but the footballer and his father have denied the information. The picture is then confirmed fake.


This photo of Messi fantastic house is, unfortunately, a hoax!

3.2. Lionel Messi house before he was famous and rich

People often search for Lionel Messi house before he was famous and rich, perhaps because they want to motivate themselves thanks to this little inspiration.

Have a look at this and try to find an excuse for your laziness!


Messi house before he was rich and famous

4. Must-know facts about Messi height, career, salary, net worth and investments

4.1. Messi height, you guess?

Usually, professional footballers take advantage of their height (at least 1.80m), but for Messi height, that ideal number seems too far from reality.

Messi is 1.70m tall and once suffered from growth hormone deficiency.


The young boy Messi has gone through 3-year treatment for hormone deficiency

4.2. Messi career milestones

Like other footballers, Messi’s starting point was a youth academy, debuting at a local football club - Barcelona then rose to international champion leagues.

During his youth and adulthood later, he has earned so many awards and title for his incredible talent, both when playing for club or Argentina U20 national team.

Starting in Barcelona Juveniles B, Messi only played 1 official game with his team to be promoted to Juveniles A. Here, he had scored 18 goals in 11 league matches, which turned him into an alien in the eyes of teammates and coaches.

In 2003, he had chances to perform against Jose Mourinho’s Porto at the 75th minute. With just 2 chances and a shot on goal, Messi was elected to be trained with senior group. Ronaldinho, at that time, had soon realized Messi’s potentials, telling his friends that this 16-year-old boy would play even better than him and he was right.


Ronaldinho soon befriended Messi, calling him “Little brother”

In 2006 – 2007, Messi put his name in the list of best players on the global scale, voted second for FIFA World Player of the Year after Kaka. His reputation grew international from that time onwards. Below are brief summary of his achievements:

  • Bravo Award 2007
  • FiFpro Young Player of the Year 2006, 2007, 2008
  • FIFA World Player of the Year 2009
  • World Soccer Player of the Year 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015
  • FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball 2009, 2011
  • European Golden Shoe 2012 2013
  • FIFA World Cup Golden Ball 2014
  • GSA Best Player of the Year 2015
  • FIFA Ballon d’Or Award 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015

Lionel Messi - Moments of Respect 2018

4.3. Messi salary

Messi has been the best-paid player of La Liga since last November when he agreed to stay at Barcelona till 2021.

Messi salary is reported to be £500,000 per week, equivalent to roughly ₦228 million. Can’t believe in your eyes, can you?

And this doesn’t include what he earns from endorsements. Only in 2016, Forbes estimated Messi gained $28 million from campaigns of Pepsi, Turkish Airlines, Gillette, etc, converted to around ₦10.2 billion.


Messi-Ronaldo: the battle of Adidas and Nike

Despite unofficially publicized, our latest updates report that Messi signed a contract with Adidas for $1 billion (₦362.3 billion) in which he will be the ambassador of this brand till he retires at least.

4.4. Messi net worth

Till date, Messi net worth is about £200m to £230m (~₦91.2 billion – ₦105 billion). However, this estimation might go wrong as most of his business interests aren’t publicly revealed.

4.5. Messi investments

Unlike Ronaldo who loves involving in flamboyant businesses, Messi founded his own charity organization – Leo Messi Foundation to aid vulnerable children, especially in terms of their healthcare services. He has also worked with Unicef since 2004 and appointed their goodwill ambassador in 2010.


The football star pays much attention to children development

Besides, Messi doesn’t miss investing in Argentina youth football development. He supports a football club named Sarmiento financially as well as funds the management of certain Newell’s Old Boys’ young players.

5. Conclusion

We may close our post about Lionel Messi house and car here, but I guess this post has somehow opened your eyes about the efforts and lifestyle of the legendary Messi.

He is rich, famous and talented. No scandals, no money-wasting parties, no scandalous love affairs and extremely family-oriented. Messi deserves being the role model for all men in this world, agree?

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Hassana Obi

Hassana Obi is an automobile writer and editor at Naijauto.com. She prides herself on hundreds of informative and entertaining articles on Nigerian traffic regulations, car prices and celebrity car collections. When Hassana is not writing, she is a teacher and philanthropist.