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Linda Ikeji is the most successful blogger in Nigeria and among the top 10 in Africa. This article by explores Linda Ikeji's cars, houses & net worth. Read on to see how she made it.


Linda Ikeji is one of Nigeria's first bloggers

Linda Ikeji is Nigeria's number one blogger, and among the top 10 on the continent. One of the earliest breeds of bloggers to come out of Nigeria, the pioneer-blogger revealed on numerous occasions that she started blogging in 2006. As at that time, Nigerians did not have access to the internet as they do today. Coupled with the fact that many did not know that money could be made from blogging, Linda set the ball rolling and has remained consistent over the years. She is also a media entrepreneur and business mogul.

In Nigeria today, Linda Ikeji has become so successful that one can hardly talk about the 10 most influential women in Africa without mentioning her. In this article, will bring to light every detail of Linda Ikeji’s life and career with highlights on Linda Ikeji's cars, houses, and net worth. Stay with us as we explore together.

2. Linda Ikeji’s net worth

As a matter of fact, Linda Ikeji is among the top searched Nigerian personalities on Google. You too might have wondered at some point how much Linda Ikeji is truly worth. Well, we have done the work for you. As of 2019, Linda Ikeji is worth approximately $40 million dollars (₦14.5 billion). Our estimates reveal that her blog and social media channels bring in about $200,000 (₦72 million) monthly from a combination of ad sense and local ad placements.

3. Linda Ikeji's houses

Linda Ikeji also has a number of investments in real estate in addition to her legendary Banana Island mansion which is located in Lagos. She had purchased the house for ₦500 million in 2016. Today Linda Ikeji’s Banana Island mansion is estimated to be worth about ₦2 billion.

The house is a 6 bedroomed mansion with ensuite bathrooms for all on 3 floors, or 2-storeys. The master suite is provided with a walk-in closet and dressing room. It also has a media room, 2 living rooms, a movie room, a laundry room, a gym, and of course a full kitchen and pantry. Outside there is a gatehouse, two-room boys-quarters, swimming pool, changing room, waterfall wall, amazing water-view, and a cabana.


 Linda Ikeji’s 2 billion Banana Island mansion keeps increasing in value










This is what a billionaire's pad looks like

4. Linda Ikeji's cars

4.1. The Bentley Mulsanne - $310, 395 (108M) 

She bought this car just in 2018, at the peak of her career as a successful entrepreneur and this is the latest and most expensive car in her collection. The Bentley Mulsanne is intended to be a gift to her newborn child

Owning an enviable net worth, it is of no surprise Linda can make luxurious purchases for herself. But it is generous and affectionate of her to buy her family expensive cars as gifts. Beside the Mulsanne, Linda also has bought her sister a Mercedes-Benz GLE.


She decided to give her son a brand new Bentley

4.2. The Land Rover Autobiography - $199,495 (₦70 million

She bought this in 2016, 2 years after her first Land Rover. One could say that she has a thing for Land Rover.


Not satisfied with one Land Rover, she decided to get another one

4.3. The Land Rover Sport - ₦25 million

Many think this was her first Land Rover and also the first luxury car she purchased back in 2016. It is a 2014 Land Rover Sport.

Linda Ikeji and her Range Rover


This Land Rover is a 2014 model and her first luxury ride

4.4. 2011 Infinity FX 35 - ₦8 million

This is a relatively masculine car, yet she bought it as a statement about her social position and her willingness to compete with men. The 2011 model was albeit fairly used but almost new and sold to her by Inspired Autos in 2013.

Linda Ikeji's car collection

Linda Ikeji's car collection

She chose this manly car to show how fierce she is 

4.5. Toyota Camry - ₦700,000 (Now worth ₦2.5m)

This is the first car she ever purchased and it came with a touching story. She didn't have the money to purchase the car at one time but instead choose to pay in installments. After putting down half the price of the car, 350K, she made a promise to pay the balance of 350K after 3 months. She failed to deliver on the promise and the previous owner actually seized the car. After some determined attempts, she managed to raise enough money to buy the car off once and for all. It was back in 2008 when Linda was just 28.


Her most humble car and also the one with the most emotional attachment

So, concerning cars, Linda Ikeji is a confirmed car freak as she owns these exotic cars. Some time ago it was rumored that her trouble was choosing which car to go out with each morning. Thankfully, yours may just be choosing the right matching handbag or shoes.


Linda Ikeji owns quite a number of exotic cars such as Range Rover, Infinity FX35, and Bentley Mulsanne


Linda Ikeji's shows off her Infinity FX35 and Toyota Camry

As a take away from Linda Ikeji's cars, houses and net worth, you should also know that apart from her own personal cars, Linda Ikeji has purchased several cars in the past as gifts for her family members whom she obviously adores.

Amongst Linda Ikeji’s car gifts to members of her family are:

  • A white color 2013 Honda Accord which she gifted to her only brother, Peks Ikeji
  • A black 2016 Acura MDX which the blogger bought as a gift for her mother
  • Linda Ikeji also gifted her father a 2014 Toyota Sequoia
  • Lastly, Linda Ikeji gifted her younger sister, Sandra a Mercedes Benz GLE 350


Mrs Ikeji poses alongside her Acura MDX


Linda also bought Dad a cool SUV


Linda Ikeji's car collection

Little sis Sandra gets a Mercedes Benz SUV

At the moment the billionaire blogger’s dream car is a Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet. She had taken to her Instagram page to let her fans know that’s the next car she is looking at buying.

5. Linda Ikeji’s biography

Linda was born into a middle-class family of 9 from Nkwerre, Imo State in the year 1980, precisely on September 19. Linda Ikeji is the second daughter among six girls and one boy. Linda Ikeji's siblings are very close to her and have benefited immensely from their billionaire sister's success. The young prodigy started writing at the age of 10, leading her to pursue a degree in mass communication from the University of Lagos.


Linda Ikeji in her office, a blogger and businesswoman

When Linda started blogging as a hobby in 2006, she started on a free site, and her blog name was She had no laptop and made her weekly posts at the time from a cyber café. However, her major break came in 2010 after she had managed to amass large online followership. Linda Ikeji’s blog became prominent for original and engaging content which kept her readers coming back for more and with that came massive traffic on the site which saw big brands like Unilever, MTN, GLO, political parties calling for advert placement on her blog.


Linda Ikeji's family and friends


The Ikeji clan is made up of 6 girls and one guy

As with every success story, there is also a failure story behind Linda Ikeji’s success story. After her graduation from the University, the passionate businesswoman had ventured into a modeling agency under the business name Black Dove Communications. She also tried her hands on magazine publishing under the brand name FM&B. Unfortunately, both businesses failed.


Linda Ikeji's first businesses were not such a resounding success

The blogger .during the first edition of her I’d rather be self-made campaign, a non-profit initiative she started in 2014 to inspire other young women revealed that she was broke at 30. She couldn’t afford the rent of her modeling agency's office and she closed shop in 2010 and moved back home.

 Fast forward to today, it will be very difficult to talk about influential women in Africa without a reference to the media icon, Linda Ikeji.

5.1. Linda's baby daddy (Linda Ikeji and Sholaye Jeremi)

One of the interesting pieces about Linda Ikeji’s personal life is her baby daddy drama. In mid-2018, she broke the news herself that she was going to have a baby and she wasn’t getting married anytime soon, as what would have been a happy ending never materialized.


Linda Ikeji broke the news of becoming a mother in 2018

 Later findings revealed that Linda was pregnant for a man named Sholaye Jeremi who never denied or accepted responsibility for Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy and eventual son, Jayce.

>>>You can find out what kind of man Sholaye is here: Linda Ikeji's baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi presents mum with ₦20m 2020 Jaguar birthday gift

5.2. Linda Ikeji's baby

Linda Ikeji's son, Jayce was born on September 17th, 2018. He is now one year old. Jayce's father is, according to his mum, Sholaye Jeremi. The supposed father is yet to publicly acknowledge Jayce as his son. In a huge publicity-making-splash, Linda bought a 108M Bentley Mulsanne for the then newborn Jayce.



Little Jayce may be the youngest owner of a Bentley Mulsanne ever!

>>> Watch little Jayce on his own little ride just like mom! See here: Like mum like son! Linda Ikeji's son Jayce cruises mini Bentley worth ₦180K

6. Linda Ikeji’s blog and social media channels

Today, Linda's site, is Nigeria's most popular blog. The decision for a hosted domain came after her blog was suspended by Blogger for two days in October 2014 following allegations of plagiarism and lack of credits for other people’s intellectual property. However, Linda Ikeji came out to deny the allegation, stating that it was nothing but a sponsored attempt at sabotaging her hard works.

Linda Ikeji's social media empire includes:

  •  Linda Ikeji Social
  • Linda Ikeji TV
  • On twitter @lindaikeji
  • On Instagram @officiallindaikeji.


Linda Ikeji honored with an honorary doctorate

In 2018, Linda Ikeji was honored with a doctorate degree by the Trinity International University of Georgia for her contributions to media in Africa. Also, a recent ranking by Alexa ranked as number 25 in Nigeria and 3,738 in the world. 

If you wonder what Linda Ikeji looks like these days, take a look at her latest pictures:







Christmas wishes for Linda Ikeji's fans

So there you go, Linda Ikeji houses, cars & net worth and bio in one place. We hope you enjoyed this. More celebrity auto stories and Market new are always fresh on!

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