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Blogging has never been a particularly lucrative career path, yet some people managed to buy a whole collection out of it, check out this woman blogger Linda Ikeji now

For most superstars or even remotely famous artists, singers or actors, buying one or many car(s) is not uncommon. We've covered many occasions where celebrities like Davido casually stack-up their car collection.

But how many wealthy bloggers do you know? I mean, a writer can earn a decent income buy gaining the reputation throughout their career, become famous and then sell books, but blogging is a different story. They only operate in a small segment of the internet, with little to none visual aid to help with their content, like Youtube or Vimeo. In other words, most bloggers are just trying to stay above the water.

But some stand out from the crowd, like the woman Linda Ikeji, who managed to purchase not only 1 but 15 cars out of this seemingly unprofitable job. We at have gathered here car collection here, shown in reverse chronological order because we want to save the best story for the last, it involves the first car she ever purchased.

1. The Bentley Mulsanne (2018)

She bought this car when she's at the peak of her career as a successful entrepreneur and this is the latest item in her collection. The Bentley Mulsanne is intended to be a gift to her newborn child

Owning an enviable net worth, it is of no surprise Linda can make luxurious purchases for herself. But it is generous and affectionate of her to buy her family expensive cars as gifts. Beside the Mulsanne, Linda also has bought her sister a Mercedes-Benz GLE.


She decided to give her son a brand new Bentley

2. The Land Rover Autobiography (2016)

She bought this in 2016, 2 years after she has her first Land Rover. One would probably guess that she has a thing for Land Rover.


Not satisfied with one Land Rover, she decided to get another one

3. The Land Rover Sport (2016)

This is her first Land Rover and also the first luxury car she purchased.


She seems to have an interest in Land Rover cars

4. The Infinity FX 35 (2013)

This is a relatively masculine car, yet she bought it as a statement about her social position and her willingness to compete with men, fiercely.


She chose this manly car to show how fierce she is 

5. Toyota Camry (2008)

This is the first car she ever purchased and it came with a touching story. She didn't have the money to purchase the car whole but instead choose to pay in installments. After putting down half the price of the car, N350K, she made a promise to pay back the remaining N350K after 3 months. She failed to deliver the promise and the previous owner actually seized the car. After some determined attempt, she managed to raise enough money to buy the car off once and for all. 


Her most humble car and also the one with a lot of emotional attachment


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