This ₦81m Limousine is the most luxury Danfo Bus ever [Photos]


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If you have not seen or read about this ₦81m Limousine version of the popular Danfo bus, you are missing out a lot. Check out the details and images here now!

Naijauto can proudly say that anyone who claims to a Lagosian and has never seen or heard about “Danfo” bus is fake. Yes, we mean it. Okay, we are just kidding. But truly there is no way anyone who lives in Lagos and commutes via public transport could have missed or never heard of a Danfo bus in the past. It’s a bus you will at almost every public bus stop in Lagos state, Nigeria.

If you are reading this right now but do not reside in Lagos and you are already wondering which type of car is this so-called do “Danfo” bus? Wonder no more because it is no other than the famous 1965 Volkswagen Microbus.

This Volkswagen microbus was widely accepted in Nigeria after its launch and had been adopted by Lagos public transporters till date for its amazing durability. If you ever get a chance to board this Danfo Microbus, you will surely testify to its immediately noticeable super strong metallic body frames.


Danfo bus is highly recognized in Lagos as a durable and strong public transport vehicle till date

Don’t be surprised that even till today, Lagos public transporters still prefer and use this Danfo bus for intra-city commutes. Danfo is the type of bus that could survive many massive car crashes and still have its body beaten back to shape. As a matter of fact, one in every 10 Danfo buses you will find on the street of Lagos must have survived one crash or the other in its lifetime.

You could hear a typical bus conductor would say something like “I dey kakaraka like a Danfo”. This expression translates to mean “I am as strong as a Danfo bus” – The expression would be a pidgin language sort of response to the English question “How are you?”.


The new ₦81m Danfo limo is definitely fancier than the old rugged looking Microbus

At this point, we could guess that some readers would be thinking to themselves; Where is the Limousine Version now? Relax we just got to its part, Okay? We had to do the above initial short introduction purposely for the benefits of our readers who do not reside in Lagos, Nigeria. And for our readers who are not familiar with the word “Danfo” bus.

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The limousine version of the Danfo now has enough space to accommodate up to 11 people

Now, let’s talk about the real deal. It is fascinating to see a stretched and restored version of the famous Danfo bus. Especially a now remade version that is a Limousine! It’s just mind-blowing. It’s quite funny if we consider the fact that many people have joked about it in the past and would never imagine their jokes becoming a reality now. Although, it actually turned out to become an ₦81m expensive reality Lol. This limousine version of the 1965 Volkswagen Microbus is now available for purchase on eBay at a $220,000 average listing price.

Some notable features peculiar to this limousine version of our usual Danfo bus includes; more space to conveniently accommodate up to 11 people, custom light and sound system, and 33 windows. Below are some images of this Limousine version that we are talking about:


The new ₦81m Danfo limo has nice space in the trunk for moderate loads

If not for the huge ₦81m price tag, we can guess that 60% of public transporters in Lagos would have ordered this Limousine version in mass by now. In fact, the whole streets of Lagos would have been stormed with this stretched and restored rugged beauty of a vehicle.

The 1965 Volkswagen Microbus “Danfo” is definitely one of such vehicle’s that had huge sales in Nigeria and made its mark in our history. If you love vintage cars and can dish out ₦81m to acquire one then, we think you should give this Danfo’s Limousine version a shot. You can thank us later.

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