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Let us find out about the lifestyle of one of the most favored artists in Nigeria. Lil Kesh's net worth, cars, and house may shock you to death. And if you want his contact, we have it here too! Check out!

There is an unspoken rule amongst the fandoms community in the showbiz world. It says that if you consider yourself to be a part of a fandom, you should know everything about the celeb that the fandom worships, or at least everything that he or she ever published on social media. 

The celeb we are talking about today is Lil Kesh. Just like in any other part of the world, celebrities are RICH, and hence their money spending style would naturally attract a lot of attention, not only from his fans but also the general public, reflecting in the hottest searching trends that buzzing with inquiries about his personal belongings: Lil Kesh cars, Lil Kesh house, Lil Kesh net worth, and so on.

Below is exclusive information about Lil Kesh biography that Naijauto managed to gather for our own lovely readers:

1. Lil Kesh net worth 2020

Ever since he started his singing career back in 2012, his growth has been a linear process, if not exponential. He has been working hard and managed to climb to a high position in the prestigious celeb ladder. By 2017, his worth was calculated to be roughly 1 million dollars (~N364 million). This number is surely impressive to us, but not for other rappers. Kesh's career is still in its infancy and needs time to grow. But still, if you ask me, this man has a lot of potential given his young age. 

As the latest update on his net worth, according to celestrendnow.com, Lil Kesh net worth Forbes 2020 is considered to be around $1-5 million. This figure, unfortunately, cannot make him the list of Top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria for now.


Still pretty young but he managed to earn more than 1 million dollars after a few years

2. Lil Kesh house

Kesh once expressed his desire to buy a house when he stepped foot in the music industry and this was evidently fulfilled. He purchased one in Lekki and started living there right afterward. 

Oddly, even though he loves his house a lot, he rarely shows its full image on his social media, be it Instagram or Facebook. His fans are only allowed to see part of the house, such as the occasional rooms picture or one side of the house. But we bet it's beautiful as a whole.


It seems he doesn't want others to look at the inside of his house

Some rumors on the Internet claim that the house was a kind of "hook" for the rapper to sign the deal with his producer, but it was quickly denied by Kesh.

3. Lil Kesh cars

3.1. Lil Kesh car: the Mercedes-Benz he bought himself as a 21st birthday gift

Kesh is of number-one stars in the Nigerian music industry, and it's no surprise that his car would have to match that status. Nigerians have a thing for Mercedes and Kesh is no exception. He bought himself a black Mercedes-Benz to add in his car collection on his exact 21st birthday in 2016.

The price of Lil Kesh car, the brand new Mercedes-Benz, has never been unveiled, but we bet it's no less than 30 million nairas.


Lil Kesh posted the picture of his own birthday gift on his social account

3.2. Lil Kesh cars: how many he has?

With such net worth, one might think Lil Kesh would collect quite many cars to prove his status. However, the young artist has only 2 automobiles: the newly bought Mercedes-Benz and a Range Rover. The Range Rover worths around 50 million nairas.


Lil Kesh seems to love his shiny-looking black Range Rover a lot!

3.3. Lil Kesh bought a car for his mother?

There's no need to "wow." Every child always wants to give the best to their mother if they can, and so does Lil Kesh. Valuable as it seems, the car's price is nothing compared to what his mother has devoted to him.


Lil Kesh's mom danced with her son in extreme happiness

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3.4. Lil Kesh latest car: A brand new Mercedes-Benz

Just recently, the talented rapper announced on his Instagram account that he has got his brand new Mercedes-Benz delivered. As far as we know, the artist has to pay at least N20 million for the base price of this model. That doesn't include import tax, delivery fees, or clearance cost, which may add up its price tag to N30m - N40m.

However, compared to what this guy can earn, it's not a big deal at all!

Lil Kesh-showing-off-his-new-Mercedes-Benz

Lil Kesh announces on his new purchase on Instagram

4. Lil Kesh phone number, email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Remember, this is for booking purposes, not spamming! And of course, the one who picks up the phone or replies to your email might not be Lil Kesh but his representative. However, you can ask them to let you speak directly to the star if you present a convincing reason.

Lil Kesh phone number: 08171937367

Lil Kesh email: bookings.lilkesh@gmail.com


The booking contact is revealed on Lil Kesh social account

And these are Lil Kesh social media accounts. You can follow his pages to update the latest concert, tour or simply his daily life.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lilkeshofficiall/

Instagram: @lilkeshofficial

Twitter: MrMeYagi @lilkeshofficial


The artist regularly updates his images on Facebook page

5. Lil Kesh biography

Lil Kesh (Full name: Keshinro Ololade) was born on March 14, 1995 in a suburb of Lagos State.

He is one of the most successful rappers, singers, and songwriters in Nigerian entertainment industry with an impressive net worth at the age of 23. His music is categorized into Afropop, Hip hop, and dancehall.

Lil Kesh was soon recognized in the music industry in 2014 when his very first single “Lyrically” hit almost all Nigerian universities. The talented rapper then co-operated with YBNL Nation to release “Shoki,” featuring such big names in the field as Davido and Olamide.

Thanks to his constant efforts and contribution, Lil Kesh has received many awards and nomination, specifically:

  • Nomination in the Headies 2014, Best StreetHop Artiste category
  • Nomination in 2015 Nigeria Entertainment Awards for: the Hottest Single of the Year and Best New Act to Watch category
  • Nomination in the Headies 2015, Next Rated category

The full list of Lil Kesh songs and albums will be presented in later sections.


The hit "Shoki" of Lil Kesh features the big name Davido

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6. Lil Kesh album list

6.1. Phenomenal Lil Kesh YAGI

The debut studio album of Lil Kesh is named Y.A.G.I, standing for Young And Getting It was released through YBNL Nation on exactly March 17 in 2016.

The album features vocals from a lot of renowned artists in Nigeria, namely Phyno, Olamide, Davido or Patoranking…, while Young John and Pheelz are 2 music producers for this product.

Lil Kesh YAGI was given the Headies Award for the category of Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year in 2016.

Below is the list of songs in Y.A.G.I album:

  • FSU
  • Ishe
  • Problem Child
  • Life of a Star
  • Semilore
  • Cause Trouble Pt. 2
  • For you
  • Igba Iponju
  • Itunmo
  • Skit 1


Lil Kesh Y.A.G.I distinctive cover picture

6.2. Other Lil Kesh songs

Besides Y.A.G.I, Lil Kesh has released many singles or songs, featuring different artists in the music industry. Let’s check how many Lil Kesh songs you can remember! Do you deserve calling yourself a Lil Kesh fan for not being able to list all of your idols’ products?

Look closely and remember, we will not remind you the second time!

  • Lyrically
  • Shoki (Remix)
  • Ibile
  • Is It Because I Love You
  • Kojo
  • Shele Gan Gan
  • Rora
  • Baby Favour
  • Love Story
  • Don’t Judge Me
  • No Fake Love
  • Flenjo

Lil Kesh latest song - Flenjo, featuring Duncan Mighty

  • Gbese
  • Skibi Dat
  • Apa Mi
  • Abija Wara
  • Efejoku
  • Ogene Remix
  • Yaya Oyoyo
  • Igba Iponju
  • Itunmo
  • Dope Like That


We must say Lil Kesh is truly a talented artist whose success starts from such an early age and shows signs of much further development in the future. The list of Lil Kesh Networth, cars, houses, and songs may go endless for the next few years when this man reaches his peak of music career.

To update the latest news about his car collection and other information, don't forget to check Celeb Cars daily on Naijauto.com!

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