Lightning strikes car twice in Russia, caught by dash cam


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A car that joined the queue in Russian traffic was blasted twice by lightning. See the video recorded by a dash cam below!

An oncoming car that had to stop at a traffic build-up in Russia has been struck by lightning, twice.

The lightning strike was captured by the dash cam of a vehicle that was close by when the incident happened. The flashes from the lightning were said to have been so bright that for a split second, it blinded the driver who filmed it.

The driver whose dashcam filmed the dramatic incident was identified as Galina Ershova. Information gathered by Naijauto says she was driving along an expressway in Novosibirsk Siberia when her car's dash cam caught the moment the lighting blasted the vehicle just a few feet away from her car.


Galina Ershova's dash cam caught the moment the lighting blasted the vehicle just a few feet away from her car

Ershova said,

"I was blinded for a split second, I grabbed the steering wheel with a death grip.

it just happened so quickly."

The car that was zapped was a Toyota SUV and reports say none of the occupants were hurt. The driver, Anna Nakaznykh, was grateful to have escaped being killed. However, she was displeased that no one stopped to help her after the incident happened.

She said,

"There were a lot of eyewitnesses but no one stopped, they all just went on."

Some folks who saw the video also criticized the attitude displayed by eyewitnesses, as they didn't stop to assist the driver.

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Here's the video.

Watch the moment lightning strikes a car in Russia

Others say it's the safe thing to do as other lighnting strikes tend to follow.

According to reports,

"The vast majority of modern motor vehicles have an in-built lightning rod to conduct a charge safely to earth, so the risk to the driver and passengers would be minimal, even with a direct hit."

Data says over 2000 people are been killed by lightning worldwide annually while hundreds survived the strikes. For those who survived it, they experience memory loss, numbness and dizziness.

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