Shocking pictures of Lexus RX 350 struck and burnt by lightning in Abuja


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In one of the most bizarre car occurrences ever in Nigeria, a Lexus RX 350 was struck and burnt by lightning in Abuja! Check out some of the shocking pictures here!

On a wet Monday morning, residents of Abuja witnessed one of the most bizarre occurrences. A Lexus RX 350 got struck by lightning and was burnt to almost ashes.

 At first, it seemed absurd to those who only heard of the story until one Miss Theodora took to Twitter to upload pictures verifying the story. In fact, she stated that one of her family members actually owns the car. The Twitter user also added that she was surprised as she has never seen such unfortunate occurrence in her life. Many online car enthusiasts took to several social media platforms to discuss the issue and figure out what went wrong as the pictures infiltrated every nook and cranny of the internet.


The pic of unfortunate Lexus shared by Miss Theodora on Twitter


Front view of the burnt SUV

A lot of her followers and onlookers used the opportunity to send their sympathies while trying to figure what exactly happened.

Many said it was "village people at work" (supernatural powers), others believed there should be a theory behind it. Luckily, the car owner was not anywhere near it when the incident occured. The most stunning part of the news was when Theodora tweeted "OK update... The engine of the car is actually still intact".

This information drove people into a frenzy as it seemed like a miracle! By now I guess you must be trying to figure how that is even possible.

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car-burnt car-burnt

The interior of the car


Come to think of it, how did the engine survive?

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As a car expert, it's important to point out that this sort of event is one out of many. Normally, a car is supposed to be one of the safest places you can be when lightning strikes. According to the Faraday's box theory, the metal used in making your car is meant to pass the lightning to the ground without you or the vehicle getting affected. However, note that many cars these days aren't fully made with metal - as carbon fibre is now being added to reduce cost of production.

The principle behind a car being the safest place when lightning strikes will soon become a myth when old car models get phased by the latest versions. Perhaps, I should talk about that soon.

See the photo of a usual Lexus RX 350 below:


Imagine losing this kind of car to a fire... or better yet, do not imagine!

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