Boom!!! Watch this LFA, the ₦7 billion car from Lexus!


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Yes, you could read the title twice and it's still true. Jump in to know why a Lexus car can be priced at this ridiculous price and is still worth it

Again, the number in the title is not a typo. The Lexus LFA price starts at $300,000 or ₦7 billion. The most shocking detail in this car is its engine power. While almost all supercars use either turbocharge or supercharge technique to "hack" their speed, Lexus refused to use those in the LFA and still managed to pump its power to more than 550 hp, a ridiculously high number for a naturally aspirated model. 

And that's not all about this car, bear with us for a few minutes and check out 10 other mind-blowing facts of this Lexus LFA that has gathered:

1. Number of cars produced

This car was sold in advance and would only be produced when there are enough orders from customers. What's more, no LFA is similar to another LFA since every one of them is a unique creation, customized and tailored specifically to the owner's demands and interest, and so no car price is like any other car price since the options are plentiful and diverse. In total, there are precisely 500 cars manufactured.


You can't find a second LFA like the one you are looking at

2. The price

The price we mentioned above, ₦7 billion is actually just the base price, meaning it could be higher according to the options added. For the sake of comparison, the latest Roll Royce Wraith is worth $327,900 or ₦ 7.6 billion.

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3. Unique signature

Do you know that the engine of each LFA carries the signature of its assembler, which is a member of a winning engineering team from Japan. So when you're not satisfied with something, you'd know who to complain to!

4. Everything maximum

Technically speaking, 9000 RPM is the maximum the car can reach but the system only stops pumping fuel when it reaches 9500. The engineer installed a digital tachometer so that it can precisely read the actual RPM, which an analog one couldn't do due to the lightning-fast acceleration of the car. The tachometer can also be adjusted automatically when different modes are selected. 

This, coupled with a 6-speed gear system allows this Lexus to get to its top speed of more than 320 km/h. You can see the full gear-shifting action here:

Watch the hundred million car in action here

5. The engine

The engine of the LFA is positioned in the front bonnet so to make it more dynamical and also safer for less experienced drivers, according to the head engineer of the Lexus team.


This is the incredible 500-hp, non-turbocharge, non-supercharged engine of LFA

6. Customization variety

"There is no Lexus like any other Lexus" is not an exaggeration. You can choose the material, the color, the shape of even the tiniest details on the car. Quick math shows that it's possible to make more than 30 billion unique LFAs!

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