[Photos] Check out the new Lexus Hikari concept car that is autonomous, electric, and shape-shifting


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The new Lexus Hikari is the "never-seen-before" concept car of the future that is not just autonomous and electric but can also shift its shape.

Just how awesome will it feel if the conventional cars we have today can adjust shape to fit our needs? Believe it or not, the new Lexus Hikari designed by Hanzhegyi “Leo” Pan might be the prototype for shape-shifting, autonomous and electric cars of the future.


Meet the futuristic Lexus Hikari concept car that can adjust its change and drive itself while being electric at the same time

This Lexus Hikari is no doubt a beauty to behold as it showcases extreme elegance, eye-popping design, and impressive capabilities altogether. Even though it is still a concept car, for now, one can still see it as a vision of what to expect cars of the future to be.

Lexus Hikari Concept car – what should you know?

Many people can argue that in recent times we have seen many brilliant concept car ideas such as the futuristic all-electric Bentley Centanne Concept and more. However, to talk of a self-driving, electric and shape-shifting car like this, Lexus Hikari is just a totally different level of imagination.

Below is a brief highlight of the key things you should know about this completely unique concept car:

  • It is not a computer rendering from a random guy but instead an official concept design idea of a popular designer called Hanzhegyi “Leo” Pan who works for Toyota automotive company. He named the car “Hikari” because it’s a Japanese word that means “light”.
  • It will be a passenger car that uses the “e-rubber” technology from Toyota to achieve an alternating exterior with options of allowing light through or blocking it out completely like a traditional car. This technology helps the car to possess its “shape-shifting ability because it can open itself up to direct sunlight like a pretty “flower” or close up like a “cocoon”.
  • It’s an electric luxury car that will also have a self-driving ability. This means it could be the perfect place for sleeping, relaxation or watching movies especially with its roof opened.


How would it feel to own a car like this Lexus Hikari in the near future to come?

In a recent press release, this Lexus Hikari concept car is described as:

“calm, balance and focus in an otherwise chaotic world.”

It is also stated that it;

“tries to develop and maintain the same spiritual connection between all things man-made and natural, playfully interacting to deliver a calm, focused and balanced experience to the user,”

We have also added a video below that talks about this unbelievable “shape-shifting” concept car. See the video:

  NEW Lexus Concept Changes Shape

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