See the lego McLaren 720S built by Lego technic enthusiast from Euro Bricks!


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Talk about paying absolute attention to details, you need to take a look at this McLaren 720S model created from the scratch by a Technic Lego enthusiast.

It appears there are many people that belong to the Lego Technic crew, out of which, one of them not only flashed his ingenious skill but showed us fully the bespoke McLaren 720S he created from the scratch.

It is not an easy task to put together a model of Lego Technic even with instructions, but it was built by a builder from Euro Bricks forum after a period of two years. He got the parts from the catalog of Lego Technic, which according to him, includes a personal compilation of instruction and parts, to be later sold to similar master creators.


The bespoke McLaren 720S model - Lego Technic enthusiast's masterpiece

There is a full monocoque gotten from the parts of black Lego beneath the skin of the model. The passenger cell, front and rear crash structures are part of the chassis, while mechanical parts such as suspension and engine components, were rightly positioned, just like in a real-life car. The body panels also were fitted around the monocoque.

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Excellent attention to detail as everything looks exactly like the real model

It has an impressive front end and the builder has successfully arranged the several parts to imitate the ‘eye-socket’ design of the present Super Series models and also the hood’s curve. Remarkably, it also has the functional butterfly doors, thin tubes of red plastic that looks like the tailpipes of the original car and also the rear wing that moves smoothly. The design also brought to life a bag that fits perfectly under the front trunk of the car.

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