Watch the lavish cars of Dubai rich kids


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Breaking news, Dubai kids are rich, and also, water is wet. But we can't really imagine exactly how rich they are until we take a look at the vehicles they ride in when none of them have a job yet. Click and check the inside to see yourself!

Dubai kids are living the life of our dream. But with the repetitive, everyday scenes on the road of Nigeria, it could be hard to imagine their true grand style if you don't know how many cars they have and how much money they own. So today, Naijauto has gathered here some of the best "representatives" of the rich folks in Dubai and their car collections for you to see with your own eyes.

1. The Lambo obsession

Money cannot buy happiness because happiness is not something that you can touch or exchange, but you can always buy wipe your tears with your bills, or in this girl's case, buy yourself a fleet of Lamborghini to cheer you up. While some of us would save money their whole life and still couldn't afford a Lamborghini, this girl got 7.


Choosing which Lamborghini to drive each day is not an easy task

2. The gold plated Bentley

Just like the previous girl, a supercar simply cannot satisfy their already fulfilled life. They want something bigger, badder, and more stand-out, like a gold-plated Bentley in this picture.


When a Bentley is not outstanding enough, get a golden one

3. The LV Ferrari

When your parents are too loaded and you're only 15, what do you imagine your car would be like? A supercar is a must, yes, but instead of getting it chrome plated or diamond plated, he wrapped it with LV logo.


The kid decided to stick bunches of LV logos on the Ferrari 458

Speaking for myself, this is a total waste of a perfectly good car. But hey, I didn't buy this one for him, it's his choice. And the boy in the picture above is considered the richest kid in Dubai right now. Take a look at his car collection below!

Money Kicks: car collection

4. The Lambo killer

A Lamborghini is simply a drop in the ocean for the wallet of the parents of this kid, so he decided to do something different: give it little teeth and turn it into a sharky Lamborghini. Rashed, the kid in the picture, must be VERY eager to drive this one as he's only 15 and still 3 years away from his legal driving age.


It's eating him alive knowing that he couldn't drive this beauty until 3 more years

5. The million dollar McLaren

McLaren 720S happens to be the car that worths precisely $1 million dollars, or N364 million. This beast can produce 720 Hp and reach 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds. This was spotted at a garage from one of the rich kids of Dubai.


The is the fastest car that's allowed to run on the road

You may say we just pick the most flamboyant pics on the Internet, regardless of hundreds of normal teenagers in this city. Think twice, check out these fleets of topnotch cars in a Dubai campus to see how adolescents in this place drive to school daily!

Dubai police are also up for the race with super beasts like nowhere else on Earth! Check it yourself and wide-open your eyes!

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